Mama June: Family Crisis – Secrets, Lies, and Health Scare, Season Off to a Chaotic Start

Mama June: Family Crisis - Secrets, Lies, and Health Scare, Season Off to a Chaotic Start

Mama June: Family Crisis is back, and it’s kicking off with more drama than ever! In this season, we see the June Shannon family dealing with an overload of chaos and tension as Mama June and her husband Justin Stroud work on rebuilding trust with her daughters. However, recent developments might hinder their plans. Buckle up, folks, because this season is bound to be a rollercoaster ride!

Mama June: Family Crisis: Mama June’s Health Scare

The season’s opening episode had us gripping our seats as Mama June ended up in the hospital, grappling with alarming health concerns. Her husband, Justin Stroud, hurriedly took her to the ER due to intense headaches and dizziness she was experiencing. She was hospitalized and underwent various tests and scans to identify the source of her discomfort.

During her time in the hospital, Justin stayed close to his wife, attempting to uncover the reason behind her suffering. At the same time, Mama June got a call from her daughter Lauryn (Pumpkin) Efird, who wanted to know about the overdue child support payment for her younger sibling, Alana (Honey Boo Boo) Thompson.

Mama June: Family Crisis: Keeping Secrets from the Family

Interestingly, neither Mama June nor Justin informed her daughters about her medical emergency. This didn’t sit well with Pumpkin, who found it very strange. It seems that the Family Crisis stars are keeping more secrets than we initially thought. For instance, Mama June and Justin moved to Alabama without telling anyone – a fact that Pumpkin later discovered.

Financial Struggles and the Late Child Support Check

While dealing with major financial problems, Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird are responsible for their four children – Ella, Bentley, Sylus, and Stella Efird – as well as Alana. Money is tight, and when Mama June’s $800 child support check fails to arrive on time, Pumpkin panics. She and Josh have been juggling bills and credit cards to stay afloat, and with Alana’s senior year of high school underway, additional expenses are piling up.

During the phone call, Pumpkin confronts Mama June about the late payment, and Mama June reveals she’s in the hospital. Upset, Mama June points out that her daughter didn’t seem concerned about her health. When Pumpkin asks about her symptoms, Mama June explains her headaches and dizziness are similar to the seizures she experienced a couple of years ago.

Accusations and Warnings

Pumpkin bluntly tells her mom that her symptoms sound like the same issues she had when using drugs. Mama June takes offense, insisting she’s been clean for three years. But Pumpkin can’t shake the feeling that her mother is lying – she’s heard it all before and knows the lies and stunts her mom is capable of when using drugs.

Despite her suspicions, Pumpkin hopes her mom feels better soon but warns her not to lie again. She’s not playing around this time, letting Mama June know that if she finds out she’s been using drugs again, it’s over. Pumpkin won’t put herself or her sisters through that kind of drama ever again.

Doubt and Speculation

As Lauryn (Pumpkin) reflects on the situation, her suspicions grow. She’s aware of the secrets her mom and Justin have been keeping from the family, and it’s clear her trust in Mama June is dwindling. Her daughters aren’t the only ones doubting her – Justin’s mom also believes Mama June might be using drugs again. This could add even more stress to June Shannon and Justin Stroud’s new marriage.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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