Mama June: Family Crisis: Alana Thompson’s College Dream Crushed by Mama June’s Lies!

Mama June: Family Crisis: Alana Thompson’s College Dream Crushed by Mama June’s Lies!

Alana Thompson from “Mama June: Family Crisis” is fed up with her mom’s lies and is ready to stand up.

Recently, she asked June for help. She’s starting college in Colorado with her boyfriend, Dralin Carswell. She’s thrilled but worried about the high costs, even with her $21,000 scholarship.

Alana hoped June would chip in. Unfortunately, June refused. Then, she dropped a bombshell.

Alana asked about her Coogan account, where 20% of her earnings from shows like “Toddlers & Tiaras” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” should have gone.

June revealed only $33,000 was left, despite expecting much more.

June had used the money for the family’s home and vacations, breaking the rules.

Alana is understandably upset. So is her sister, Pumpkin. This week, Alana and Pumpkin plan to confront June on the show and demand answers.

Honey Boo Boo’s College Crisis

Alana and Pumpkin are upset with their mother. After helping Alana in her first semester, Pumpkin and her husband, Josh Efird, found a townhouse for her and Dralin in Colorado.

Alana enjoys college and stays close to Pumpkin. Pumpkin even visited Alana for orientation. They discussed their mother’s actions and decided she should face consequences.

June often escapes responsibility. However, this changes in “Mama June: Family Crisis.” In the mid-season finale, Pumpkin uncovers her mother’s deceit.

Alana and Pumpkin demand June return the money. They’ll consider legal action if needed. Yet, June’s husband, Justin Stroud, defends her.

Justin is shocked that June spent Alana’s money. He values honesty, a key to their sobriety. On the show, he gives June a choice: return $30,000 to Alana or he leaves.

Alana Thompson is grateful for Justin’s support. He is pushing June to do right. The Shannon family’s situation intensifies. Watch as Alana fights for what’s hers on WEtv.

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