Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Shannon Has Launched A New Series Of Products

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Shannon Has Launched A New Series Of Products

Mama June has launched a new range of products in the hope of bringing more liquidity amid continuing financial difficulties.

The reality star shared a number of new products on her Instagram over Memorial Day weekend, writing: “Excited about the launch of my merchandise! It feels good to be together! Link to my BIO website!

The products include a $17 face mask that reads “Mama Slay” and a yoga T-shirt that reads “Mama-ste b***hes,” a play about the word. A recent episode of Mama June From Hot To Not’s WeTV series revealed how much trouble the five-year-old mom is in after the struggling star warned her children that she owes money to the “wrong people”.

In the episode, family friend Big Mike revealed to June “Mama June”, Shannon’s sister Joanne Shannon who is “in serious trouble”. Joanne Shannon later realized that in June 40 she sold all of her and her family’s property in her house in Georgia because he owed money.

Throughout the episode, Pumpkin, and her husband, Josh Efird, noticed a mysterious truck parked outside their house.

After Lauryn Shannon and Josh’s daughter, Ella, 2, won a beauty contest, she received a text message from her worried mother.

Lauryn Shannon said, “Mama sent me a text message saying that some kids might be on our trail because she owes people money. I never thought they’d come looking for us. The car outside our apartment, are they the people he owed money to? I’d rather stay safe and apologize and get the fuck out of here.”

Lauryn Shannon, Josh and little Ella rushed home to pack up and run to the hotel; Pumpkin’s little sister, Alana Thompson, also lives with the family.

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