Mama June: From Not to Hot: Bad Debt and Jennifer Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Bad Debt and Jennifer Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot is on the air right now. Each episode brings more horror stories about June’s impact on her family. On May 15, June’s friend, Tony, talked about how her suffering debt is endangering her family’s life. Fans are now complaining about too many scripts. Also, they accused WEtv of showing “bad acting.”

This season of the WEtv show looks pretty different. In fact, fans see very little of Mama June. Actually, Jennifer Thompson presents a lot of things that really annoy the critics. TV Shows Ace reported that fans lambasted Jennifer Thompson when she got her granddaughter, Harper, into the same competition as Ella Grace.

Recall that Alana Thompson entered her niece in the pageant. Also, Jennifer entered Harper. Fans grew disgusted as she also elbowed Sugar Bear when she applauded Ella Grace.

In her case, many critics on Twitter hope that Mama June: From Not to Hot is scripted and edited a lot. Fans can’t stand the idea of the family putting up with such a toxic woman in real life.

In the same episode, Meaww noticed that Pumpkin and Alana Thompson moved into a hotel because a suspicious car was lurking around their house. June Doe Doe’s sister and her friend Tony talked about June. He talked about how her suffering debt is a danger to the family.

The episode showed Mama June calling to say that Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson might be in danger. She thought someone evil might be on their trail. Apparently, it all links back to her owing people money. Big Mike said he heard “from the rumor in the hallway that she owes a lot of… money to the wrong people.” “you ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people.” According to him, those people are the same people June made fun of.

Tony thought they should have just “paid” because they were serious. But the critics of the show don’t know how real it is. Fans know, thanks to the coverage of the last six months or so, that Mama June and Geno sold their house and left in an RV. They heard she was short on cash and couldn’t fully pay off a residential hotel bill. But the whole “bad guys” thing made them think it was highly scripted. Also, they believe that Mama June Family Crisis actually reveals “bad acting” by the cast.

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