Mama June: From Not to Hot: Bad Debt and Jennifer Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Bad Debt and Jennifer Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot is on the air right now. Each episode brings more horror stories about June’s impact on her family. On May 15, June’s friend, Tony, talked about how her suffering debt is endangering her family’s life. Fans are now complaining about too many scripts. Also, they accused WEtv of showing “bad acting.”

This season of the WEtv show looks pretty different. In fact, fans see very little of Mama June. Actually, Jennifer Thompson presents a lot of things that really annoy the critics. TV Shows Ace reported that fans lambasted Jennifer Thompson when she got her granddaughter, Harper, into the same competition as Ella Grace.

Recall that Alana Thompson entered her niece in the pageant. Also, Jennifer entered Harper. Fans grew disgusted as she also elbowed Sugar Bear when she applauded Ella Grace.

In her case, many critics on Twitter hope that Mama June: From Not to Hot is scripted and edited a lot. Fans can’t stand the idea of the family putting up with such a toxic woman in real life.

In the same episode, Meaww noticed that Pumpkin and Alana Thompson moved into a hotel because a suspicious car was lurking around their house. June Doe Doe’s sister and her friend Tony talked about June. He talked about how her suffering debt is a danger to the family.

The episode showed Mama June calling to say that Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson might be in danger. She thought someone evil might be on their trail. Apparently, it all links back to her owing people money. Big Mike said he heard “from the rumor in the hallway that she owes a lot of… money to the wrong people.” “you ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people.” According to him, those people are the same people June Shannon made fun of.

Tony thought they should have just “paid” because they were serious. But the critics of the show don’t know how real it is. Fans know, thanks to the coverage of the last six months or so, that Mama June and Geno sold their house and left in an RV. They heard she was short on cash and couldn’t fully pay off a residential hotel bill. But the whole “bad guys” thing made them think it was highly scripted. Also, they believe that Mama June Family Crisis actually reveals “bad acting” by the cast.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Please leave jennifer out sometimes she erks my nerves dont like her role all the time ,the show says mama june from not to hot right now she is amess the show is name after her but dont see her tiredof seeing that lame ass jennifer please take her out a show or two


  3. Of course the show is scripted. Jennifer is obnoxious, but she’s the type that people love to hate. I’m sure shes great for ratings. This show is my guilty pleasure.

  4. Jennifer only wants Honey boo boo because mama June told her she would never have her daughter Jennifer makes me sick I can’t stand her anymore please remove her from the show…I’m praying that mama June gets the help she needs and gets away from that asshole of a man she calls her boyfriend.

  5. If this stuff is scripted Jennifer is playing some bad parts. She must be hard up for money. Scripted or not. Being paid or not. I don’t have it in me to act that way. There is a lot of mean ppl in this world that will hurt u. Destroy your home. Make your life hell. Especially the ones she lives around. I’m sure she gets a lot of hate mail and looks and comments. She makes me so mad I don’t like watching the show anymore….and no matter how much weight she loses she still walks like she is a monkey….back and forth lol

  6. What is the whole deal with jennifer wanting alana? Something stinks there. She got her magazine shot, like june did. Does she think she is going to get her hands on alanas money or just to show June not only did she get sugar bear but trying to get her daughter? And sugar bear acts like he really doesnt want alana except when he wants to see her. Not a full time dad

    • Jennifer gets on my nerves hate watching that part and sugar bear we don’t really know if he is really honey boo father they never got a test done that needs to be done in the show so ready to see June but not Geno leave his ass June the girls need you and punkin you and Josh have done a wonderful job taking honey boo in and taking her in and Ella a beautiful little girl

  7. I have watched this family since it premiered on TLC’s ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’ The focus has shifted from Alanna aka Honey Boo Boo and now centers on Jennifer, Mike and June and little on Alanna. Can’t blame TLC for dropping them but shame on producers at WE for capitalizing on the wrong people. The focus should be on June’s children and how they have coped with the effects of their ‘parents’ actions. There is NOTHING entertaining about watching ‘adults’ sick, self centered behavior!! Along with many others, I am tired of seeing the immature, irresponsible actions of Jennifer, Mike and June taking precedence over the REAL STARS here–Josh, Pumpkin, Alanna and Doe Doe.
    In spite of all this family has been through, these kids have matured, taken responsibility and and dealt with the poor example their parents have set. Pumpkin and Josh have matured into responsible adults, parents and role models for their sister, daughter and family and THAT is what your focus should be!! We’ve seen how Jennifer, Mike and June handled their monetary gains from the show snd still are the same self centered, immature people. Put your money a sure thing–the kids and real stars!!!

  8. WeTV.. needs to end Jennifer’s contract, she’s sickening AF, she’s jealous of mama June, I could see at one time but now all she wants to do is hurt June, Nothing no weight loss, nor magazine cover could change a ugly soul, take Sugar Bear off too and she should know if a child is old enough a judge will ask them… Alana will never ever want to live with them, I sure as hell wouldn’t!!

  9. For Jennifer to despise June so much she sure wants to do everything in her power to be her. From the photo shoot to now trying to adopt her kid so she “can be the mother June never could” never once did she say ANYTHING about whats best for Alana its all about June. She’s a sick and hateful individual and needs to grow up. Instead of trying to break up a family why not ask Pumpkin and Josh if there is anything they can do to help the situation.

  10. The show to me is getting to fake
    The family running from bad guys. Then you read about mama June living it up in Florida .
    What’s true.
    About to loose a fan.

  11. Please get rid of Jennifer. I can’t stand seeing someone that thinks she can do anything she wants.Sugar Bear needs a divorce
    Also she talks about how beautiful she is. What’s wrong with her. Does she not own a mirror. Her attitude is making this show unpleasant to watch

  12. She irks me too. Please give her her own show,I promise I won’t watch it. She is a evil,nasty vindictive woman. And Honey Boo Boo does not need to be with her or Sugar Bear. She needs to be with her family, and her sister. She’s going thru a lot right now.

  13. It’s sad what the girls are going thru, I know alot is done for the show, but Jennifer back up, your trying to be better than june. Darlin you both put your drawers on the same way, you’ll never replace june in her daughter’s eyes. Your only going to make Alanna hate you and her dad. And stop competing with the girls, geezzz, your making yourself look bad.

  14. The shows manager Gina Rodriguez is a former porn star, so how much actual entertainment can you expect? June is a crack head, that much is true. But for the most part, the rest is scripted. The show revolves around a dysfunctional family that constantly is eating.

  15. Jennifer is the Queen of Petty and just a gross person IMO. She has never had any respect for June as a mother, even before June had these “issues”. She blatantly disregarded June’s attempt to get healthy and encouraged Alana to overindulge in unhealthy foods with no concern for Alanas health or well-being. She makes it sadly obvious that she is intimidated by June and makes EVERYTHING into a weird competition. She also constantly attacks Lauren and acts like she is in competition with her and she’s at least twice her age! Even worse, she puts down baby Ella. A BABY! I find myself fast-forwarding her scenes on the show because I find her to be so frustrating she ruins it. Please please PLEASE write her off the show!!!

    • Oh yes, I agree with most of these comments about a Jennifer. She is just nasty and jealous of June. She shouldn’t be acting so nastily around June’s kids. She has no right. I wish sugar bear would stop being a wimp!
      . Jennifer tells him what to do. It’s his kid, supposedly, not hers. Stick to your own kids. And from what I hear Jennifer’s past is not that great either. Please either take her off or tell her to keep her ugly mouth shut. Like another person commented….give her her own show and I promise not to watch

  16. I stop watching it. When I saw Jennifer and how stupid she acts and trying to get alana I change it. I forget to put ot on. And the language in front of kids. Bad…

  17. I can not stand Jennifer Thompson. Why she wants Alana so bad probably has to do with money. Alana is old enough to choose who she wants to live with and Jennifer has no rights to her at all. I personally think Pumpkin is doing a great job. Please get Jennifer off the show. Every week the new episode is spent showing the last weeks episode which takes half of the show and makes me want to quit watching.

  18. I can not stand Jennifer Thompson. Why she wants Alana so bad probably has to do with money. Alana is old enough to choose who she wants to live with and Jennifer has no rights to her at all. I personally think Pumpkin is doing a great job. Please get Jennifer off the show. Every week the new episode is spent showing the last weeks episode which takes half of the show and makes me want to quit watching.

  19. OMG, the green eyed monster, Jennifer, is the biggest a—hole for trying to take over Mama June’s whole life. She got her lame, nutless husband, she wants her child, she wants her fame and anything related to June. Jennifer get a life, YOUR OWN LIFE. Jealousy and envy does not become anyone.

  20. Without Jennifer and sugar bear the show would be absolutely boring!!!

    Pumpkin and Alana can’t keep it going all the time.. at least with them two characters you can laugh at some of the stupid things they do..

    • I am sorry but there is Doe Doe and Amber and if that will not make you laugh maybe if you see and hear all the unintelligent things June and Geno are doing it will give you a good laugh.

  21. Dump Jennifer. Cant stand her. She is gross. And isn’t a any use to the show.
    I don’t believe anyone cares to see her.

  22. I’m so annoyed with Jennifer! I personally don’t like such a toxic person! You never put another child against a child for your own selfish reasons!🙏🙄 Let honey booboo live with me and let me show her a peaceful life for once I feel that she needs a break and I think once she got to my home she would realize how comforting it was and what a family would feel like that’s always together 🙏🙏 with that being said I think pumpkin is doing a wonderful job with Alana and I think that she is really stepped up to the plate and I applaud that I love everything that you’ve done for your sister pumpkin and I think you’re also a great mother to your daughter but if you ever do need just sometime…….. Your little sister is more than welcome in the safekeeping of my home 🙏❣️God bless you all and I will continuously be praying for your whole family and I just love watching you always wait for the new episode your friend Tracey Newton from Murphysboro Illinois 😁

  23. If I had any doubt about the show being scripted, last season and the current season is so bad. I can’t watch for just the heck at this point. It’s too over the top. I really feel for Alana because I think she’s being held back by all this. Just let her be a teenager.

    • PLEASE TAKE JENNIFER OFF THE SHOW!!! SHE IS NOT A NICE PERSON and she thinks of nobody but herself. She NEEDS to let Alana stay with Pumpkin and Josh. Alana wants to be with her sister. Jennifer NEEDS to stay out of it. This season has been dragged out way to much.

  24. Please how do you stop receiving mama not hot updates because I cannot stand stomach Jennifer I don’t even want to watch the show at all because I’m sick of Jennifer please how do I stop this

  25. Leave her weeblin wobblin medlin self OFF the show. To many story lines to an already tragic situation. Pumpkin has done so much for her family she does not need Jennifers stress! If she was really concerned about Lana she could have done so behind the camera. She is greedy and dying to be in the spotlight! Go on without her & stop or ratings will die out!

  26. Take Jennifer out. She dont want the family to do good. She gets mad when sugar bear wants to applaud a child! Really!??! Get her ass off!

  27. I can’t stand this one day one she gets on my nerves I never in my life seen a person that tries to keep up with someone else what she does and try to outdo her it’s very pathetic that she don’t have a life of her and that she wants to be a June wanna be

  28. I like Jennifer because she is the only one that is not stupid. I am sick of June nasty, trashy behind. I stop watching after the second show with doe doe in it. WE TV take that off the air.

  29. Jennifer needs to goooooo. She is a miserable, bitter, down right mean person. I get June is currently winning no mother of the year awards right now and needs all the prayers she can get but she is the parent! If my daughters step person EVER crossed the lines jennifer has there would be big problems. Lauren is doing an outstanding job given her age and the circumstances. Back of Jennifer.. Sugar bear you need to put ur lady in check…

  30. I was a woman Geno was in contact with. He told me twice the show was scripted. When I contacted Jennifer and told her what Geno told me, she said I was an opportunist and wanted to see the contact we had. I told her and emailed weTV many times to tell them what he said, then June sent me a Facebook friend request and a PM. Then she made a post saying the show wasn’t scripted. That show is fake. I feel sorry for Alana. They all make money off her. Geno has been with June over 3 years. Even when she was bigger, so why didn’t she have a date to Jennifer and Sugar Bear’s wedding and her trainer had to escort her? Because it wasn’t time for Geno to be brought into the show yet that’s why. I have every text, pictures of him when we face times, call logs, screen shots. I enjoyed his company. He really was a nice guy. He wasn’t inappropriate and I actually asked him for advice about things. He made me laugh. He said I was smart and knew how to have a conversation when most girls today didn’t. But he did tell me the show was scripted twice when we were talking on the phone and I asked both times if he knew what he was telling me.

  31. I wish you would just take the whole white trash show off the air I don’t know why anyone wants to sit around and watch them I saw them in person and they truly are white trash! Stop paying good money for stupid TV!

  32. Josh and Pumpkin are doing a great job with Alana and Ella. With them being so young, they have really stepped up to the plate to give some sense of normalcy to Alana. However, I recently read that they were evicted from their last apartment they had moved into for not paying rent, so I feel the whole running to the hotel was scripted. It could’ve been apartment people outside of their place…
    Also, I’m with so many about getting rid of Jennifer. She adds nothing and NEVER smiles! This is a miserable person, I would much rather see Doe Doe and her family along with Big Mike. I cracked up when Jennifer put Harper in the same beauty pageant as Ella and she had a melt down on stage….

  33. So sick of Jennifer I wish Sugar Bear would tell her to mind her darn business. She will NEVER measure up to Mama June. She WAS hot. She can be hot again. Get lost Jennifer.

    • Please take Jennifer off the show!!! I can’t stand her at all. It is so obvious that she wants to be Mama June. She wishes and it will never happen! She is pathetic and disgusting! Trailer trash Jennifer just go away!

  34. Oh come on! This show is SO scripted! Jennifer thinks she has some kind of rights over Alana. She is a stepmom. She can bark orders all she wants. All she is, is a wife. Kick rocks! I love Doe Doe, but she is a terrible actress! I doubt if I was looking for my drug addled sister, I would walk around her empty house with that big smile she always has. This is ridiculous. June maybe really be drugged out and running with creepy Geno, but try to make the retelling of a story a bit more believable.

  35. Yes please get Jenniffer off the show. She is not a likable person at all I tape my show so I can jump past whatever she is saying. Can’t stand her, please take her out of the show

  36. I agree get Jennifer off the air. Let Pumpkin and Alana be a family. My heart goes out to June but the real victims here are the girls. If Sugarbear doesn’t want to rock the boat then Jennifer should but out!

  37. Yes Jennifer is a hot mess.SHe needs to mine her business and leave the girls along. Take care of sugarbear.She always have something bad to say

  38. Jennifer should be ashamed of herself saying the negative things she says pertaining to Ella Grace. She is a little girl and your a grown ass woman! She is so jealous of Mama June that she tries to be her! Get a life lady!

  39. Plz get rid of Jennifer she a sorry ass and thinks she owns the show. It makes me sick watching her get her off the show

  40. I agree, Jennifer needs to take a back seat. She think’s she’s running something, get out! Wish June would come back and take care of her daughter and her business, so Jennifer can sit down somewhere.

  41. I agree seems like the show is scripted. I don’t think Jennifer has the right to take Alana from pumpkin, they are sister’s and from what the show airs pumpkin is doing amazing with Alana. Jennifer is all ways negative. She comes across that she is better then anyone else. Her inside is not so pretty

  42. I can’t stand the fact that Jennifer keeps trying to push Sugar Bear so hard to get custody of Alana when it’s obvious as he has stated that he believes that she’s in the best place for her and that he doesn’t want to upset her more than she already is.
    IF, they let Jennifer successfully get the paperwork started, I’m going to stop watching because she can’t legally do that!!

  43. Please get rid of Jennifer !! She is so snotty and self righteous,her ego so bloated it’s going to burst. I hate seeing her on the show, she makes me sick. Get rid of her ASAP !!!

  44. Mama june may be a drug attict but i think her family are food attics. Have you see the food they eat? If jennifer really wants to help her sister she needs to feed her healthy food and they both need to get to a healthy weight. Mama june was also addicted to food at one time.

  45. Jennifer buts in June and pumpkins business. She acts as if she has a right and say so about Alana. A stepmother has no rights what so ever. She needs to but out. She’s jealous of June. And she needs to lose sooo much more weight. She doesn’t look better than June just because she says so. She is so annoying.

  46. June Shannon and family, including Geno, are trash! Please get this train wreck off tv.

  47. That Jennifer needs to mind her own business she’s not Honey Boo boos mom . Her Father needs to tell Jennifer to shut up Honey Boo boo is happy with her sister.

  48. Ugh! I agree about Jennifer. I have started not liking her myself. If she is absolutely acting this way and it’s not scripted, she then needs to slow her roll just a little bit. I’m happy for her weight loss and what she has accomplished but all this competition and acting ugly has to go! It’s really making her look bad.

  49. June Shannon and her family, including Geno, are trash! Please remove this show off tv.

  50. Magazine I saw last week shows June with new teeth , working out on beach where she lives in Florida. I think a lot of this is made up nonsense. Jennifer is turning us off. Several of us stopped watching. It isn’t reality. Appears scripted. 🤦‍♀️

  51. Magazine I saw last week shows June with new teeth , working out on beach where she lives in Florida. I think a lot of this is made up nonsense. Jennifer is turning us off. Several of us stopped watching. It isn’t reality. Appears scripted. 🤦‍♀️

  52. Jennifer is trying to be like June, we all get it. Jennifer needs to mind her own business and yes she is jealous that June because June had fame and Jennifer is trying to steal her spotlight. Jennifer get your own life and take your problem else where.

    • I also forgot that Jennifer quit being rude to pumpkin and talking crap about Ella. They’re better than you.

  53. Jennifer wants to b June so badly it’s sickening.. She needs to get her own life n poor Sugar Bear needs to get the balls to tell her to leave Alana alone n stop pushing for custody of her she is fine where she’s at. Just another antic of Jennifer trying to out do June she won’t ever be Alanas mom n she needs to get a grip she isn’t worried about Alanas well being just her image on the show .

  54. I really truly hope that Jennifer is fake because if we are seeing the real Jennifer, then WE Network should be A S H A M E D to put this evil wobble FOOL on our 📺 ❗️

  55. Some reason Jennifer makes it all look scripted they all actually are making look scripted but Jennifer is working me also I don’t like her on the show she’s a nosy body she ain’t part of the family ain’t it just starting not to like the show I never did really like it it started getting good but now it seems all scripted

  56. Thebarticle on mama june says people are criticizing the show for bad acting. I am criticizing the article for horrible punctuation, dangling particliples and jist plain horrible writing skills 😄

  57. I cant stand Jennifer for someone who cant stand June she wants to be just like her 100%
    As for June my grandson was murdered because money was owed to a drug dealer..he was only 1 years old…get your shit together its no joke

  58. Jennifer is not mama June, but for whatever reason it seems like she wants to be. I don’t get it, she always talks all this shit about her, but seems like she wants to try and take her place on the show. That is never gonna happen because she sucks on the show. I pretty much fast forward her when she’s on. She doesn’t bring anything to the show but jealousy towards, June, Pumpkin and even Ella. It’s pretty pathetic. The show doesn’t need her.

  59. Actually this whole season is a made up spectacle! From Honey BooBoo beating all these models out at a model show! Jennifer and her childish stupid ignorant self! That pageant disgusted me!! Now mysterious black vans are lurking around the corner! And that person who went to court with Geno, who was that? That wasnt mama June! This woman was very very thin and Mama June isnt! Honestly this show needs to end! Its filled with lying situations and Mama June has made a History of choosing the wrong men over her Children! And Alana needs to get healthy and learn NOT TO ACT LIKE A SPOILED BRAT!

  60. GET THAT STILL FAT STUPID IGNORANT IDIOT OFF OF THE WHOLE SHOW!!!! GO AWAY JENNIFER NOBODY. YOU WISH YOU WERE MAMA JUNE. SHE LOOKS BETTER THAN YOU DO RIGHT NOW. WHEN SHE DOES GET OFF OF DRUGS THEN THINK HOW MUCH MORE PRETTIER SHE WILL BE!!!! SO STOP ACTING SO STUPID!! I have A Dog THAT IS SMARTER THAN YOU!!!!!! There’s also a lot of cursing on that show that needs to be CLEANED UP!!!! It makes GEORGIA LOOK very STUPID. PUMPKIN YOU AND JOSH ARE THE BEST PARENTS THAT ALANA COULD ASK FOR RIGHT NOW. WHATEVER that Jennifer and sugar bear do DO NOT LET THAT NOBODY Jennifer RAISE ALANA. Jennifer needs somebody to raise her own FAT SELF. If I had been sitting beside her when she elbowed SUGAR BEAR for clapping for HIS GRANDDAUGHTER ELLA I would have knocked her out. Your granddaughter wish she was as precious as ELLA!!!!YOU SHOULD. HAVE NOT entered her in the pageant anyway YOU SAW WHO WAS THE BEST IN THE END. Just GET OFF the TV all together you’re just a MAMA JUNE want-a-be.

  61. Jennifer keep to your own bussiness . You are not even related to June so go deal with that magazine thing . I know that Alonna is fine with her sister not you.

  62. Jennifer needs to be off the show. She repeatedly shows her butt by saying things that are so petty. She acts like a child when she doesn’t get her way. Sugar Bear knows Alana is going through enough without having to adjust to moving in with him and Attila the Hun. Alana was the one who wanted to put Ella Grace in the beauty pageant and Jennifer tried her best to ruin it. She was a sore loser when her granddaughter didn’t win. If you watched, you saw the little babies playing happily together after the pageant. The adults should take a lesson from these babies. Jennifer’s actions are no better than what June is doing in my opinion. Both can and are adding to the toxic situation in the family now. Focus needs to be back on Pumpkin and Alana. They are the ones who are truly suffering as a result of June’s drug addiction. And that’s what the title now says, “family crisis.” They clearly love their mother and are genuinely worried about her drug use and possible dangerous situations that she may be in. I have watched this family since Alana was a baby on Toddlers and Tierra’s and never have I been more disgusted by a family member. You may be able to wake Jennifer up if she is left out of several of the shows. Money talks!!!

  63. How much does sugarbear and jennifer make per episode? They should use some of the money to get him some teeth.. They should move or atleast fix up the house they own

  64. Jennifer needs to back the hell off of Pumpkin and and Alana…Is it even legal that shes aloud to go behind Sugar bears back to file for custody of Alana? She’s not even her mother…And SHE GETS ON MY LAST NERVE!!! KICK HER OFF THE SHOW!!! I CAN’T STAND HER.. Alana is just fine right where shes at.

  65. I personally cannot stand Jennifer . She thinks she is hot stuff. She isn’t. She is mean. Pumpkin and her husband are doing great with alana. Jennifer needs to keep her mean ass away from them unless she can be supportive and who who go against alana putting her niece in a pageant. Well let’s see…oh jennifer. She is so rotten. I’d like to see sugar bear grow a backbone and tell jennifer to back off pumpkin and alana and stop trying to be alanas mother. She isn’t. She will poison alanas heart and mind because she is so bitter. Pumpkin will help her love herself and grow into a good woman.

  66. I DISLIKE Jennifer so much i wish you would write her off the show! She is such a bitch! Pumpkin is handling alana well. But ready for Momma June to come back.

  67. I’m with everyone else! Kick Jennifer off the show! She’s too annoying to deal with and she needs to stop acting like she is all that! Give the kids their own show and include Doe Doe because she’s hilarious too!

  68. Jennifer makes me want to throw up. Looks like to me she still needs to lose more weight . She should be ashamed of her self how she acted st the pageant. GROW UP JENNIFER.

  69. If Jennifer were a regular person off the street and I didn’t know any of this I’d probably like her as a human being.
    That said she’s what 45+cheats old. Pumpkin is 19 or 20? That’s just poor taste to go after Pumpkin. Pumpkin is essentially a child. She’s grown but lacks the life experience for this toy for tat to be fair.
    Jennifer could try being helpful. Not overly bearing but a few words of encouragement and actual help this would go a lot different and then she really would be the mother to those girls June could never be. Instead there seem to be two conniving grown women acting the fool and tearing up the kids.
    Y’all both need to grow up. June wtf? If you keep picking up trash from the side of the road than that is all you will ever find. Fix the inside or the outside will slip right back to hell.
    Jennifer your a beautiful women but your attitude stinks. Why drag June’s mother back into this shot show? She allowed her daughter to be sexually abused and then blames June for it. Ugggg.
    All y’all need therapy and meds.

  70. Jennifer is to hateful with an ugly jealous soul. That is not the place for alana, with pumpkin and josh there is love if she goes with sugar bear and Jennifer that’s only because Jennifer is jealous, there is no love from her there Mayby her dad. But pumpkin and josh are great parents that’s the best place for her, even better for her then being with June because of Jeano. Get rid of Jennifer please please please.

  71. Jennifers actions and attitude DISGUSTS me. She is absolutely OBSESSED with June & it’s CLEAR that she wants Sugar Bear to get custody of Alana just to rub it in Junes face & in Pumpkins. I will say that Pumpkin and Josh are doing such a good job taking care of Alana on top of being 19 years old with a Toddler of their own. Alana is better off where she is at. Jennifer wants her own show but I will say it would be a TERRIBLE idea for WEtv to do that. She is super PETTY, IMMATURE, JEALOUS, & just downright disgusting for being such a selfish b***h!

  72. I keep watching hoping I get to wash June but it doesn’t seem that we will and Jennifer she’s so toxic I don’t really want to watch it anymore I’ll just get my updates for the internet and Skip all that drama from Jennifer

  73. Jennifer definitely needs to go! She’s a HORRIBLE person inside & out! She cares NOTHING about Alana, just wants to hurt June. She is just a DISGUSTING human being & doesn’t deserve ANY air time or $ @ Alana’s expense! PLEASE we-tv get rid of this woman!!

  74. Yes please take Jennifer off the show can’t stand her honey boo is doing very good with her sister and her and husband are doing a good job with Alanna sugarbear need’s to do a DNA test to see if Alanna is his daughter have the test on the show

  75. I can’t stand Jennifer ,wish they wld take her off the show she is a bitch.. The only thing Jennifer really wants is Mama June life. She didn’t care about being fat because Sugar Bear likes big women.June lost all her weight and was looking good and Jennifer cldnt stand for June to get all the attention. Jennifer puts June down ever chance she get,now Jennifer want custody of Alana so she can hurt June. Sugar Bear don’t want custody of Alana,he only wants to c her when it’s convenient for him.. I hope the judge doesn’t give them custody of Alana. I don’t think Alana wld want to live with her daddy and Jennifer…

  76. I remember I said june was on drugs about a yr ago and some fan came at me saying she has eye conditions… I know the difference between eye conditions and someone on drugs. Sad she let this scumbag destroy everything she had.

  77. I don’t care if it’s scripted or not. Besides, why should I consider that people don’t really live & behave like this? The show is entertaining… however, Jennifer’s azz needs to go!! She is pure evil. Never anything nice to say.. she actually told her husband “grow balls”. If she opens her brown fuzzy bathrobe one more time, to show her partially naked body to Mike, the network should post a warning.
    Lastly, I LOVE ELLA GRACE❤️ She is adorable!! Pumpkin and Josh you guys are awesome for your age. Alana you will always be my Honey Boo Boo. I’m so sorry you are suffering. If it gets too much, seek help. Your school can assist you with a councilor. DoeDoe you are the best sister ever. Where is your mother?? June’s issuers start with her.

  78. I think Jennifer is trying to be June because she is so jealous of June. I hope June gets help and her and the girl go back to being a family. Lose Geno to he is a bad influence on June.

  79. You people do realize it’s all this show is is a scripted show. These people are a train wreck in a mess. and the fact that this girl is out of control and does nothing but run her mouth and make stupid mistakes on a regular basis is ridiculou. your life is a mess I kind of feel sorry but then I get I don’t because this is what you get when you sign up to have your life scripted and put on television.

  80. I agree they need to take Jennifer’s fat ass off everytime her and sugar bear talk about having dessert makes me sick to my stomach just the thought of his toothless mouth on her fat ass is disgusting and she needs to stop talking bad about mama june for the simple fact alana is already going through alotshe don’t need her talking bad about her mother and Jennifer only wants alana for the money and the publicity she’s nasty and obnoxious oh and ella is cuter than her granddaughter

  81. Jenifer is mean spirited, why cant she be happy with what the show has afforded her. she is the worst person to have Alana, Sugar bear should stand up to her and tell her he don’t want to upset Alana life by fighting for her. ALana is best with Pumpkin and Josh…they are good people. It would be wonderful if June could straighten up, I just think she is clinging to that drug addict because love is blind. And in her case bankrupting. I feel sorry for June,Its lIke she is in a trap of emotions over that loser. I think he is controlling and abusing her. Poor Alana, I just want to give her a hug..her Sister and Josh are to be applauded. I love this family..p.s. Sugar bear should be the next Popeye movie. He’s a dead ringer…

  82. Jennifer seems totally scripted and totally in the way. This program is about June and her family. Sugar Bear is not interested in taking Alana away from where she belongs but Jennifer keeps poking the bear. She’s petty and just in the way. She should not be a featured character.

  83. Cut Jennifer and Mike out of the show. I use to like watching the show but not so much now that Jennifer is on there. She is rude and obnoxious.

  84. leave Jennifer out of the script. Jennifer is trying so hard to be momma June. Jennifer needs to leave Alanna alone period because she belongs with her sister. I just can’t stand Jennifer at all jelous winch or something.

  85. Jennifer needs to go. She needs to learn her place. While some step mothers can be a great addition to a family. She is not. She’s just making things worse! I cant stand her grubby self and whats with the limp? Girl, sit down somewhere! Suger Bear is Alana’s dad. Let him decide what is best for HIS child!!

  86. Could care less about Jennifer. The show should be about Honey Boo Boo. And Alana and how they are going to get through all this crap that her sick mother and pathetic looser of a boyfriend , Geno has put them through! Losing interest in the show!

  87. I agree w/ everyone, either Jeniffer is acting that way because it’s a show. But, she is annoying as HE__ whining, complaining. I know that Sugarbear wasn’t in Alana’s life in the past. But, he is trying since Pumpkin has had her. He doesn’t want to stir the pot. But, Jennifer is BLAH, BLAH,BLAH, BLAH. She isn’t even Alanas Mom. But, let’s not forget, it may be some acting but, the crisis is REAL. Pumpkin, her daughter, her husband, June, Geno, Sugarbear & lovely Jeniffer need Gods healing hands on them no matter what. Let’s pray for all of them.

  88. I love this show I do not like Jennifer. She will make a very poor example for Honey Boo Boo. I hope it stays on so I like to see Honey Boo Boo grow up. Her and sister needs to lose weight for their health. As for June she a kick in the ass and become a mother again. Her kids love her and she let them go for a low life. What ashame. Get her act together and do what’s right for her children and grandchildren. Geno needs to go I don’t trust him and would not trust him around Honey Boo Boo.

  89. It’s really sickening to see Jennifer is supposed to be a adult acting like a two-year-old food thinks she’s hot and a magazine or whatever the main concern is the three children pumpkin Alana and the grandchild for 1 sugar bear is a deadbeat dad number to Jennifer is not allowed as mother she need Jennifer needs to go down to the road and keep her ass going number 3 Jennifer needs to mind her own business what the shows about is the three girls and the son-in-law June sugar bear and Jennifer all three of them go to hell and grow up and learn how to act like adults pieces of s*** we love the girls in the son-in-law not y’all

  90. this was never a TV show just a bunch of fat idiots eating and fighting whoever produce this show is not a producer for TV
    They have -0 talent all of them just a bunch of yahoos why would anyone watch such garbage

  91. Jennifer me parece de lo peor, fue un error ponerla en el reality, es una mujer tóxica que solo se quiere asi misma, deberían redireccionar la serie hacia Alanna

  92. Someone please remove Jennifer from the show , she is the most obnoxious woman ! She isn’t even part of the family . I know she’s supposed to be the hated one but good god PLEASE GET RID OF HER AND HER HATEFUL FACE !

  93. I can’t stand June. She is self centered, loud, obnoxious and a bad mother, dragging her kids around to be with convicted child molesters. What decent mother would let a convicted child molester be around her daughters? It’s like she set Anna up to be molested.

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