Mama June: Road To Redemption: What Is Alana Thompson Doing Now?

Mama June: Road To Redemption: What Is Alana Thompson Doing Now?

Mama June updates and spoilers have revealed that Road To Redemption is returning for another season. In fact, Alana Thompson, broke her Instagram silence to share the news. This weekend, she rarely appeared on the social media platform and shared some quality time with friends. WETV fans seem simply shocked that their familiar girl has gone missing.

Mama June: Road To Redemption: What Is Alana Thompson Doing Now?

These days, WETV fans are welcome to all Instagram posts. In fact, he has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media, which used to be very active. These days, Mama June’s daughter’s posts seem increasingly rare. As she gets older, she may want a little more privacy. After all, she was so often the victim of trolling and bullying, who could blame her?

Mama June Shannon’s fans hated that Alana Thompson often wore false eyelashes and long fake hair. Since then, however, she has aged about two years and now tends to prefer a more natural look. On TikTok, fans praise her for this, as so many TV stars seem to be very fake with make-up, filters and botox. In fact, her loyal fans like the fact that she seems to be transforming into a poised young woman.

Unfortunately, Alana Thompson grew up in a difficult way when she was abandoned by her mother June Shannon. At one point she was often in family photos with her sister Pumpkin Efird. Recall that Alana went to live with her after her mother Geno ran away. Nowadays, however, she’s not in many of those family photos. That may be because she took so much heat for meeting Dralin Carswell. She’s much older than he is and goes to college. Maybe he was out with his friends over the weekend when they went to The Sugar Factory.

Fans of Mama June who saw Honey Boo Boo’s post seemed shocked that she looks so grown up.

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