Mama June: From Not To Hot: Are Dralin And Alana Thompson Still Together?

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Are Dralin And Alana Thompson Still Together?

Mama June’s Shannon family rose to prominence after the reality show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’. In addition, Alana Thompson was the star of the show. However, the show ended after a few seasons, and her mother, June Shannon, had a chance to show her life.

However, viewers continued to get a glimpse of the former child star as she transformed into a young lady. Unfortunately, she ended up in some controversy over her love life.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Are Dralin And Alana Thompson Still Together?

Alana Thompson was just seven years old when she took TV screens by storm. Although her journey ended after a few seasons, the Shannon family remained in the news. That happened after her mother, June Shannon, got her own reality show called Mama June.

As a result, viewers got to see how the young girl got older through the years. Now she is a 16-year-old teenager. But the troubles don’t seem to end for the notorious family. Apparently, the actress received a backlash for having a 20-year-old boyfriend. So this four-year age gap doesn’t sit well with fans, which is why they spoke out about it.

Back in September 2021, media outlets got an inkling that Alana was dating Dralin Carswell. In fact, sources claimed that the new couple was “all the time” around each other. Later, the young man also confirmed the relationship via a picture posted on social media.

However, fans didn’t take it well and continued to shame them because of their age difference. As a result, the former pageant star took down the picture. Now, it seems the duo are as unapologetic as ever. Apparently, the two were recently walking hand in hand in front of their house in Georgia.

In addition to this important development in Alana Thompson’s life, the Shannon family is preparing for the premiere of the new season of Mama June. In fact, its trailer came out a few days ago and took the internet by storm. It turns out that Alana Thompson’s new boyfriend is also starring in the programme. What’s more, the trailer included scenes of them holding hands and gently touching each other while trying to play basketball.

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