Mama June: From Not To Hot: June’s Daughter, Lauryn Shannon, Posted An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Son, Bentley.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June's Daughter, Lauryn Shannon, Posted An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Son, Bentley.

Mama June’s daughter Lauryn Shannon has done a great job keeping fans informed at every stage of her pregnancy. It looks like she’s doing the same after welcoming her adorable baby boy into the world. She recently posted pictures of her newborn son Bentley on Instagram. Fans were all over the little bundle of joy with red hair.

June’s Daughter, Lauryn Shannon, Posted An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Son, Bentley.

Lauryn Shannon posted a cute picture of her son wearing a cute outfit with letters printed on it. In the caption, the new mum declared that she loved her son very much.

Even more than she loves herself. In addition, The Sun reported that followers noticed the little boy’s red hair and called him precious. Lauryn welcomed her son after a short delay. He weighed 7 kilos and 10 ounces at birth. Alongside Bentley’s picture, Pumpkin revealed that when he was about 2 to 3 centimeters, he was taken to the hospital. Earlier in June, she shared a picture of her growing baby bump, which fans cheered with open hearts. Recently, the reality TV personality shared a beautiful selfie in the mirror, where she thanked her body for the greatest gift of her life.

Also, when her husband Joshua couldn’t be at the doctors when they told him the sex of the baby, she decided to reveal it later as a wonderful surprise.

Ella, a 3-year-old little girl, helped her mum bake a cake with blue food colouring to reveal her gender. Mama June helped her cut the cake and everyone cheered as the family knew they were going to have a boy very soon. Considering that their family has been mainly female so far, Bentley’s arrival is an ecstatic event for them. Although the anticipation of baby Bentley’s arrival was exciting, Alana Thompson was a little anxious. She didn’t want to hold her sister back. Considering Mama June was a recovering addict, Lauryn stepped up and took responsibility for her little sister Alana Thompson.

Although she feared she was preventing the couple from moving on with their lives, Lauryn continued to stand by her side through thick and thin. As for Mama June, Pumpkin claimed that her boyfriend Geno was worse than her drug addiction. In fact, she also pointed out that her mother’s addiction to her is stronger than drugs.

According to him, he has always been the root cause of most of his mother’s problems. Even though she was there for the unveiling of Pumpkin’s baby sex, it is clear that she does not approve of her mother.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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