Mama June: From Not to Hot: A Major Fight Between Josh Efird and Lauryn Shannon

Mama June: From Not to Hot: A Major Fight Between Josh Efird and Lauryn Shannon

Mama June: Road to Redemption on WEtv brings as much drama as usual. So fans wonder if the tension between Lauryn Shannon and Josh Efird is scripted or real.

Because if it’s real, their marriage seems to be in a very bad state. In fact, many fans on social media have been badmouthing Lauryn for her treatment of her husband. So is their marriage over? Or have the couple patched things up?

After June Shannon eloped with Geno Doak and ended up spending all her money on expensive drugs, it backfired on the family. Recall that last season, Lauryn and Josh moved away because June owed money to some “bad people”. That’s when things started to crack between Josh Efird and Lauryn Efird.

However, this season sees WETv fans watching a terribly ugly scenario unfold on “Road to Redemption”. While June Shannon hopes her daughters will let her and Geno Doak back into their lives, she’s not at all sure they’ll welcome her back with open arms.

After all, it turns out on Mama June that their mother put her children through absolute hell in a family crisis. Lauryn and Josh Efird already had their own child, Ella Grace.

Marrying young seemed brave but also unfair as Lauryn fought for custody of her sister Alana Thompson. But, a teenager is well… a teenager. And, she’s a bit of a handful for Lauryn. Besides, the demands of her terrified twin daughter take their toll. In the meantime, Josh is working in South Carolina. So he can’t come home every night. This causes a big row.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: A Major Fight Between Josh Efird and Lauryn Shannon

Fans of Mama June shouted at Lauryn Shannon on Instagram after they saw her put Josh Efird’s dinner in the yard and chased him out. It all came to fruition when she returned tired and exhausted over the weekend.

In a rage, she berated him for not returning her calls or text messages. In fact, they bicker a lot and even Alana Thompson commented that all Pumpkin ever does is complain and bicker with Josh when he comes home. Finally fed up, fed up, Josh Efird walked out of the house.

Now WEtv fans will see that after their fight, Josh came back home trying to be nice to Lauryn. But the Mama June star was in for a terrible shock. Again. Exhausted, he arrived home after dark. There he found someone wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. Perhaps she thought Pumpkin was waiting for her and fell asleep. Slipping onto the couch, she discovered Pumpkin’s sister Jessica under the blanket. Furious, she called Pumpkin and demanded to know why he was there. She replied that she had brought Jessica in as her new roommate.

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