Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Is Facing Everyday Struggle

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Is Facing Everyday Struggle

Women often start to become conscious after weight gain. In the case of June Shannon, however, the opposite is true. In fact, Mama June loves her body even more now. The star had to go through a lot of changes and struggles after returning from rehab.

Mama June, along with her boyfriend Geno Doak, has finally settled into a sober life. Staar explained in the premiere episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption about her journey.

Mama June says that ever since she and her boyfriend got out of rehab, they’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight. Dailymail relays Mama June’s words: “Look, we have put a little couple extra pounds. I have put on 60. He “Geno” has put on about 100.” According to the star, the extra weight is not unhealthy. On the contrary, he considers it to be a healthy Covid weight. Mama June praises herself, “I’m back, larger and sweeter.”

Mama June is happy the way she is. She used to be 150 and now she weighs almost 250. She also feels good about her extra weight. However, due to medical problems, she has to take some of the extra calories off her body. The star is facing a life-threatening illness called lymphoea. He therefore needs to lose some of his weight to continue living a healthy life.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Is Facing Everyday Struggle

Although June Shannon is happy with her life, she has to go through a lot to get what she wants. Staar struggles every day to make things right with her family. What’s more, the coronavirus has made matters worse.

June says: “With the Covid virus hitting, it’s been kind of hit and miss.” However, the star is not losing hope. She is making an effort, calling her daughters often, although they usually don’t pick up the phone. One thing June realised is that her daughters used to work around her schedule, but now she has to work around theirs.

Mama June also reveals in an interview with TMZ that she and Geno spent more money on drugs than they estimated. Staar and her boyfriend spent about $1.5 million during the addiction period in 2019 and early 2020.

Well, that’s a big sum indeed. Lauryn Shannon, however, was shocked to learn about June’s spending on drugs. She was not happy because this was a time when Lauryn Shannon and her family were having money problems. Her mother could have lent her the money instead of spending it on drugs.

Mama June has finally been reunited with her daughters Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson after almost a year. The daughters shared all the problems they had to face when their mother was not with them. June had nothing to say, instead promising not to bring any more problems and to stay sober.

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