Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

Sister Wives celeb Kody was once seen as a champion for his nocturnal management of time between all four of his wives, but what happened? This happened when the wives seemed to spring for their common husband, or at least they did on the Sister Wives reality show.

Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

One of the most frequently asked questions by Sister Wives adults is about Kody Brown’s “schedule”. They have said so several times over the course of a decade of interviews. When fans first tuned in to the TLC show, all four wives seemed to over praise Kody Brown for his time management between his wives.

During the early days of the Sister Wives series, Kody Brown was carrying luggage. He would go from one house to another with a bag in tow. In the video below, Kody and his four wives travel together and end up with four rooms in a hotel.

Just like at home, he packs his bags and moves into Sister Wives’ next bedroom while on the road. He does this without any of the wives missing their turn. Meri Brown then claimed that Kody Brown is “at a disadvantage” because of all the moving around he has to do with his bags.

Meri, Janelle, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown seemed surprised at how Kody handled his time. Again, it was during the first seasons of the show Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: A Wife Trade-Off For Kody

In one scene during the last season of Sister Wives, Janelle was extremely tired. She had been up the night before with her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, who was in labor. When Kody Brown landed in North Carolina in time for the baby’s birth, she brought her sleeping schedule into bed.

Janelle Brown had been at Maddie’s for some time at this point. So Kody said that when he’s away from a wife for a while, when they reunite, he usually spends the night with her. So it was Janelle’s turn to spend the night with the patriarch of the Sister Wives.

But Janelle and Kody seem more like friends. An exhausted Janelle wanted to go to sleep and nothing more. She didn’t have the energy to fight for blankets and wanted to sleep alone. Since Christine was Sister Wives’s only other wife there, she took Kody Brown by default.

Christine seemed excited and looked into the Sister Wives camera to call her situation a polygamy advantage. As fans have seen in the last season of Sister Wives, there’s not much more to say about where Kody is carrying those bags. There’s also one less house he visits with his bags in hand these days.


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