Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

Sister Wives celeb Kody was once seen as a champion for his nocturnal management of time between all four of his wives, but what happened? This happened when the wives seemed to spring for their common husband, or at least they did on the Sister Wives reality show.

Sister Wives: Kody Packs His Bags

One of the most frequently asked questions by Sister Wives adults is about Kody Brown’s “schedule”. They have said so several times over the course of a decade of interviews. When fans first tuned in to the TLC show, all four wives seemed to over praise Kody Brown for his time management between his wives.

During the early days of the Sister Wives series, Kody Brown was carrying luggage. He would go from one house to another with a bag in tow. In the video below, Kody and his four wives travel together and end up with four rooms in a hotel.

Just like at home, he packs his bags and moves into Sister Wives’ next bedroom while on the road. He does this without any of the wives missing their turn. Meri Brown then claimed that Kody Brown is “at a disadvantage” because of all the moving around he has to do with his bags.

Meri, Janelle, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown seemed surprised at how Kody handled his time. Again, it was during the first seasons of the show Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: A Wife Trade-Off For Kody

In one scene during the last season of Sister Wives, Janelle was extremely tired. She had been up the night before with her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, who was in labor. When Kody Brown landed in North Carolina in time for the baby’s birth, she brought her sleeping schedule into bed.

Janelle Brown had been at Maddie’s for some time at this point. So Kody said that when he’s away from a wife for a while, when they reunite, he usually spends the night with her. So it was Janelle’s turn to spend the night with the patriarch of the Sister Wives.

But Janelle and Kody seem more like friends. An exhausted Janelle wanted to go to sleep and nothing more. She didn’t have the energy to fight for blankets and wanted to sleep alone. Since Christine was Sister Wives’s only other wife there, she took Kody Brown by default.

Christine seemed excited and looked into the Sister Wives camera to call her situation a polygamy advantage. As fans have seen in the last season of Sister Wives, there’s not much more to say about where Kody is carrying those bags. There’s also one less house he visits with his bags in hand these days.

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  1. I’ve watched this show since S1E1. I am soooo sick of Kody. All the wives should leave Kody. But I definitely want Meri to leave that entire family. So what if she talked to someone else online? Who cares what she did? Big deal. Meri, get out of there. You deserve better. I used to like all the wives but I lost mad respect for the other three and GAINED respect for Meri for trying to find a new life. Run Meri! Run!

  2. He is a disgusting pig! Meri, RUN, don’t walk away from the whole thing. The others do not consider you as a “partner”. They are cruel and mean to you. You deserve so much better. Robyn is THE most ungrateful, temper tantrum throwing crybaby I’ve ever seen. Christine all but climbs a pole for his attention. Sad. Janelle doesn’t give a hoot, she is happy to have a “place” at his table. I can hardly stand to watch anymore.

  3. Mary you need to be the one packing your bags. They are making you the cause of their pathetic lives. As far as Mary talking to someone on line big flipping deal. After she divorced Cody nobody came to her to offer emotional support. It is no longer sister wives, it’s Cody and Robyn and Christine looking so desperate to be number one. Christine you make yourself look like a sad loser. Janelle your a strong woman you don’t need this B.S. either. Leave Cody to bitchy Robyn and desperate Christine.

  4. Hate the way Meri is treated…she deserves better…Kody is a JERK…he puts wife against wife…I am not downing their lifestyle to each their own but don’t you think it’s funny not 1 child of theirs lives that life-style

  5. Mari is the smart one she knows she has to leave why do you want a guy married to three selfish women a d a guy who is stuck up and selfish and they all treat you bad I would get out of there and be happy you could find someone much better it was much better when you where legally married to him but since your. Divorce everyone treats you bad your the only one smart enough to leave and proud that you are your much happier and it shows your a beautiful women and he turns on you your the prettiest one of all of them all everyone else has something with them I don’t like but your the strongest prettiest and smartest you keep going and not give up you have your business
    get your name off that land so your not liable that was a nice house you had a lot of rofor it. Unless you plan to move there with them I would move back to Vagas if your home is still available move back there!

  6. I can’t stand Robyn . From day one of her being part of the family she’s been selfish crying baby. The younger kids act older than her. Her and Kody need a major reality check.

  7. I have watched this from the beginning but have not watched much after Merri and Cody got divorced (probably watch repeats to catch up) and the way he treats her gets me enraged. Robyn makes my blood boil her whiney and acting like she something more than the others really cody should have never brought her in this group.

  8. They all worried and almost pleaded with Merri to move to Flagstaff with them once there they still treated her badly Kody said some mean things to her on last episode some he should have kept to himself or said in private bottomline she’s only around because they need that money she brings in to help them with their kids and unrealistic lifestyle if you don’t like me you don’t like my money point blank

  9. Oh I so agree about Robin she drives me crazy listening to her whine and cry, and I do believe in god but come on robin you drove us crazy with god will get us a house to rent we just have to wait he will come thur for us you just have to believe. She acts like a fanatic with her religious beliefs. But stop the dam whining and crying so over it. And I love Janelle she is the cool one she does her thing and worries about her family and pretty well stays out of all the drama. And Christine when she was theres no way in hell I’m living all together in one big house and have to watch Cody leave the house with another wife on a date, my god women who are you to force the other women to have to agree with you, to me it made perfect sense you still had all your own homes just connected and it would have been cheaper in the long run and there would have been no fighting over who’s house goes where which I think there should have been a vote with all the kids voting too because the kids liked the idea. And Mary is a big girl with her own business so if she wanted to leave she could so to me she obviously wants to stay. Now cody wow I just find him funny trying to please everyone and he’s not lol

  10. We all live in a Disposable world Instead of trying to fix things it is easier to throw them away.Kody your married to 4 woman and your also in the public eyes, as are your all need to remember your promises to each other and to God ,when you married.
    It’s hard enough being married to one person juggling life with 4 wife’s is nuts, this is part of your Religion . I really hope you all can make things right And take the time to fix your relationships. You all are an amazing family. Please don’t throw it away.

  11. Everything did go down hill when you had Meri Divorce you for Robyn, a unjust act of caring for someone’s feelings. Meri, became the outcast of the family and Kody was the main ringleader of mistreating her. Meri is beautiful in every way and I think it’s time to cut your ties to the family. You are so strong and you can do anything you want to in life. Good luck

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