‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond swears by her cast iron skillet

'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond swears by her cast iron skillet

Walk through a retailer’s kitchen gadget section and you will surely be overwhelmed by the possibilities. Does every kitchen need an egg distiller? Would it be crazy to live without an Instant Pot? These are all valid concerns.

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is down to earth in her approach in a refreshing way, which is part of why her fans are so obsessed with her styles. Ree is constantly whipping up solid, classic meals in her kitchen and makes everything look easy to copy at home. And best of all? Her go-to kitchen gadgets are cheap and easy to find. In fact, you may already have some of her favorites in your kitchen.

Inspire your inner chef by bringing home one of The Pioneer Woman’s favourite cooking utensils.

Ree Drummond swears by her cast iron skillet

Pots and pans can be pricey, especially if you’re jumping on a top-of-the-line set. But The Pioneer Woman insists that one of her favorite things to use for a variety of different breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert recipes is her faithful iron frying pan.

“One thing I’ve learned over the years, when you cook, you really don’t need a lot of fancy things – like iron frying pans. These things are the best,” she told Food Network in an interview.

“They’re absolutely indestructible. You can do anything with them. You can fry in them, sauté, cook, and… fry… Allow me to rhapsodic wax over my love-iron frying pans. Some people collect fine porcelain. I collect iron frying pans. Iron frying pans are pretty much my life.”

Do you want more proof that Drummond likes cast-iron frying pans? She even said this item is one of her favorite things to give as a wedding present.

Other kitchen essentials Ree Drummond loves

Although she is clearly in love with her cast iron frying pan, it is not the only kitchen item Drummond often uses. She also told House Beautiful that she needs a flat, sharp spatula for many of her favorite recipes.

“It’s technically a fish spatula, but I don’t use it for fish,” she said during the interview. “,,It’s the best thing ever–you can scrape the bottom of the frying pan with it, you can deep-fry things and [use it to] pull it out and tighten it. It’s my favorite.”

Drummond’s also a big fan of her flat guard. In The Pioneer Woman Magazine, she had a few words of praise for this handy kitchen tool. “My flat guard, because it gets flat when you press it against the bottom of a pan and you scrape up all the good bits,” she said.

Ree Drummond is all about keeping it real

People love The Pioneer Woman because she’s easy to relate. Instead of insisting on chic ingredients or overpriced kitchen gadgets, her recipes are accessible to everyone.

Her best nutritional advice? Don’t be such a perfectionist. “Just throw this in there and you don’t have to be so precise all the time. Just make it. Enjoy what you do and love the people you make it for,” she said today.

With a whisk, a cast iron frying pan and a good posture you can cook just like Ree Drummond!

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