‘The Pioneer Woman’: How Ree Drummond comes up with new recipes

‘The Pioneer Woman’: How Ree Drummond comes up with new recipes

If you’re looking for a comfort food recipe, “The Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond has you covered. Here’s Drummond’s favorite comfort food.

If Ree Drummond is in the kitchen, there are two tools she likes to use. She told her magazine readers that she swears by her flat guard and her fish spatula:

My flat guard, because it gets flat when you press it against the bottom of a pan and you scrape up all the good bits. And since we’re talking about scraping up stuff, I have to tell you that my second favorite tool is a fish spatula. The edge is so thin that you can slide it under the biscuits like no other!

‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s favorite comfort food

What does Ree Drummond like to eat when she’s consoling? She revealed in the autumn issue 2017 of “The Pioneer Woman” magazine that she is a big fan of chicken pot pie. “I don’t think you can beat chicken pie,” Ree Drummond wrote in her magazine column. “You just can’t do it. That crispy golden crust and glorious gravy get me every time. Every time I eat it, I’m transported back to my childhood. My mother would make it from scratch or we’d have the frozen Swanson version! I didn’t care – it was magical.”

Ree Drummond’s chicken pot pie

Ree Drummond has a delicious recipe for chicken pot pie on “The Pioneer Woman” blog. In her blog post she sings the praises of the pot pie:

It doesn’t get much better than pot pie. It just doesn’t. It’s that broth gravy… that golden, crispy crust… …that tender, tasty vegetables. Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh. A million over and over again. Infinite. Here’s one I made a while ago. What I love about pot pie is that you can cook the chicken at that time and there… or you can use leftover chicken or turkey if you’ve got it. You can make a pie crust for the occasion… …or you can use a crust that you might have been lying in the freezer, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there, lying there… Chicken pot pie doesn’t have to be a big ordeal!

Ree Drummond says chicken pot pie is a great staple for autumn and winter. You can get the full recipe here if you visit her blog.

How Ree Drummond comes up with new recipes

If you don’t know what to cook, you can always find a new recipe on the website of Ree Drummond or her Food Network show. How does she keep coming up with brand new recipes every week? In the Spring 2018 issue of “The Pioneer Woman” magazine, a reader asked Ree Drummond how she is able to create new meals. This is what Drummond shared:

Sometimes I just build on core recipes I already use. For example, I have a chicken portilla soup and an Italian meat soup, so I invented a slow-cooker Mexican meat soup in my new book “Come and Get It! For home cooks, I think it’s less about culinary brilliance and more about putting little spins on recipes you already know and love.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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