Tori Roloff Shares a Peek into Toddler Josiah’s Messy Nursery Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Tori Roloff Shares a Peek into Toddler Josiah's Messy Nursery Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Tori Roloff has given fans a peek into her 15-month-old son Josiah’s messy baby room. The TLC star was shocked at all the possibilities her son had at a young age – except for one thing.

Tori Roloff, 32, shared a video on Instagram stories that captured a moment of her son’s playful activities. Josiah was seen holding onto a ladder while simultaneously attempting to draw on a tablet. The toddler’s surprisingly advanced capabilities sparked a wave of adoration from fans.

The Instagram video also highlighted the toddler’s messy nursery, filled with clothes and toys scattered on the wooden floor. Tori Roloff, evidently bemused by her son’s ability to climb a ladder and draw but not walk yet, captioned the clip, “You’re telling me: you can climb a ladder and write while balancing on the ladder… but you can’t walk?! He’s holding out!”

Fans have been delighted by these candid moments, following Tori Roloff’s Instagram for more such fun-filled, yet real peeks into the Roloff family life.

Handling Pregnancy Rumors

Recently, Tori Roloff had to address pregnancy rumors following a family photo she shared. Fans speculated about her fourth pregnancy due to her appearance in the photo. However, Tori promptly dispelled the rumors, responding with a firm “No, she’s not.”

The pregnancy speculation also led to fans questioning whether the Roloffs were planning on expanding their family further. The TV star confirmed during an Instagram Q&A session that they felt “100% done” with having more children.

Despite the clarification, pregnancy rumors continued, fueled by Tori’s March comment about wanting “10 more children” if they all turned out like Josiah.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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