Little People Big World: Zach And Tori’s Big Move

Little People, Big World: Zach And Tori’s Big Move

One of the great things that happened in the 19th season of Little People Big World was Zach and Tori Roloff moving. They went from their small house with a downward slope backyard to a house that suited them better. It wasn’t easy to get through that part of their lives, but they got it done.

In the 21st season we see that Zach Roloff is still enjoying his new home. And it seems that Little People, Big World celebrities Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff have moved into the house. Fans say that Zach probably packed the garage as their first home, but now it looks like things might be shaking a little.

With COVID-19, Zach and his family spend more time on the farm. Before the pandemic, they went to many more places, but now they are more in their backyard. Zach said he is grateful that they have the farm to escape.

Matt and Amy talked to Little People, Big World Star Zach , who were at the farm, and Zach threw a “twist” in the conversation. He told his parents that he might be interested in life on the farm.

Matt seemed shocked because he spoke to both Zach and his brother Jeremy Roloff earlier. And the LPBW patriarch said there was a twist to the plans. But it didn’t seem like a bad turn of events, just an unexpected one.

Later, when Zach Roloff spoke to Tori , she was not quite on board. In fact, she said it caused her a lot of stress. And she said she was talking about her feelings on the farm situation. Zach from LPBW tried to reassure her by saying it wouldn’t be the whole farm.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. So very sad that the mom was hounded to move so the son could move in the house. Then after she raised and worked so hard for all of them this is how she is treated. Wish the kids would go back and really see how little time their dad spent with them .

  2. I think it would be wonderful on the farm. A beautiful ace to raise your beautiful family. This is a big step. God be with you in your decision.

  3. I think it would be cool if Zack n tori bought Amy’s side of the farm. And if Jeremy and Audrey bought out Matt’s side of the farm. That way both boys can live n work there and keep it in the family! 🙂

  4. Love this show😍 I agree with the first commenter. The mom was done wrong with being pushed out of the home. I guess neither Matt or Amy should live there because they’ve both moved on and shouldn’t have other people live in the house they shared together.

  5. I think it is terrible how the mom is feint treated by everyone. She has had to be embarrassed by the affair and the women always in her face now the whole family has just shoved her off the farm. No wonder she feels like she does not belong. I hope she leaves the show and gets back her dignity!!

  6. Dont know y everybody’s upset over Amy.
    Shes been out of the marriage for THREE yrs and IS ENGAGED! She SHOULD’VE left a long time ago.
    Shes NO angel.
    That said, whichever kid helps out with the farm because trust me neither is taking over, lol…is totally up them!

  7. Amy Is A Witch & Has Been From Season 1 Episode One .. She Was Unkind & Uninviting To Her In Laws .. She Had That House Looking Like An Episode Of Hoarders .. Her Mother In Law Washed I Believe 30 Loads Of Laundry & Cleaned Her House .. While Babysitting A Few Days .
    Place Looks Amazing .. Dinner Was Cooking .. In Walks Short Shit & Starts Complaing That She Felt Violated .. GMAFB .. She Should’ve Been Thankful .. She Was A Miserable Mess Now She’s Marrying Her Purse Carrying Fool ..

  8. Zach is afraid his dad will sell out the farm. No farm= no show= Zach can’t sleep until noon and give tours of the farm and has to get a real job. Tori just wants to be on tv. These two are worthless as tits on a boar hog

  9. Amy wasn’t rushed out so Zach could move in..they are renting the house out for a few months and then Zach brought it up after the fact of his interest

  10. If you do not like the show THEN DO NOT WATCH IT !! It is that simple! If you have watched the show from day 1, Amy has really never been one to like the farm. She never wanted Matt to do any of his projects to better the farm. She was always against it. NOW, she is crying and saying how she is being left out and all this BS. The farm is big enough for to brothers can live and raise their family’s! People please. Nobody is forcing you to watch the show! Turn the channel to something else! Maybe the BYU channel is more your style! Leave this family alone!!

  11. How can Zach buy the farm and doesn’t have a job. This show is scripted and I don’t see where she was pushed off the far, it takes her forever to make a decision

  12. I to say that it’s a dog gone shame that Amee was treated unfairly having to leave the farm after all those years, rasing her family there.yes i agree that mat should not stay on farm either with girl friend.say that Zach talks mean to his mother and she is always doing things for him.

  13. I Really Hope Zach Takes Over The Farm House. Jeremy and Wife Seem To Be In A Different space Or Zone . As far as Ami Goes, Her And Matt Are Long Done And Over , It was long Over Due For Her To Move off The Farm And Move On In Life . I Think We Can All Agree That They ALL Will Be Happier For It . Matt Was More Than Patient With Her On Her Not So Timely Departure Rom The Farm House. And Yes It Would be Super Cool if Zack zander Jeremy Tagged Up ,And Both Made Homes And Lived And Took Over Operation Of The Farm.

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