Who are Chris and Joy on Hot and Heavy?

Who are Chris and Joy on Hot and Heavy?

Although we can expect the unexpected at TLC, when the network announced their latest docuseries Hot and Heavy, there was extreme slack. The limited series focuses on three “mixed weight” couples and their struggle to prove the validity of their relationships to their families and the public.

Because only the women in these relationships are heavier, there was a protest at the message the show would send to the viewers.

Instead of unplugging the show or changing the name, TLC continued with the series. Joy Hill and Chris Ortega are one of the couples that will be featured on the show, and their upcoming wedding is their big storyline.

The couple will deal with the disapproval of Chris’s family on the show, which leads many to wonder if the couple ever made it down the aisle. Read on to find out who Chris and Joy are from Hot and Heavy, and if the couple are married.

Who are Chris and Joy on Hot and Heavy?

Chris and Joy may show their lives in a TLC reality series, but they have a fairly conventional romanticism – by modern standards. The couple met on a dating app, and they quickly forged a romance despite living states away from each other. Chris lives in California, while Joy lived in Nebraska at the time.

But their connection was too strong to ignore, so Chris eventually flew to his love in her home state after six months of phone calls.

“We did good.” Chris told Access Hollywood about what it was like when the two eventually met in person. They were inseparable after that, and Joy finally picked up and moved to California to be with Chris.

As for those who don’t get the spark between Chris and Joy, he told Access Hollywood that she’s exactly his type.

“I’ve always been into bigger women,” Chris said. “I’ve never had a problem with it.”

The couple engaged in November 2018, but not everyone was on board with their relationship.

Chris’ family wasn’t convinced that he and Joy were right. Their lack of support will be a big part of the show.

“I’m more active, I like hiking and rock climbing, so they weren’t sure if Joy could keep up with my lifestyle,” Chris told Access. “I have hobbies and she has hobbies. We don’t have to do everything [together].”

But, he said, they finally found out how Chris felt about his then bride.

“My family did express some concerns, but in the end, this is the person I want to be with – this beautiful, beautiful, friendly woman,” Chris continued. “They accept that because they want me to be happy.”

Joy said her family loved Chris, and they had no problem marrying the two. But she did notice that her mother had some choice words for her growing up about her future.

“My mother told me it would be hard to find love when I was heavy,” Joy said in the trailer.

With some friction in their inner circles, many wondered if Joy and Chris ever made it official.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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