When will Unexpected Season 4 air?

When will Unexpected Season 4 air?

TLC’s Unexpected has become a hit with the viewers. Some viewers of the show love it, and others only watch it because they can’t look away.

The show is filled with drama as teenage moms navigate pregnancy, motherhood, relationships, and more. All that drama makes the viewers come back for more. Many reality TV shows work this way.

The third season of the show has just ended. So, the fans are wondering when the next season of the show will be aired. Plus, fans want to know who’s coming back to the show.

‘Unexpected’: When will Unexpected Season 4 air?

So far the show hasn’t been officially renewed. But it looks like it will probably be. Some of the cast members shared casting sites via social media, encouraging teenage mothers to email the producers.

The show is getting enough attention that it makes sense to renew it. This just hasn’t officially happened yet. It should happen soon, when there’s a fourth season coming up.

It’s worth noting that TLC’s goal with the show was to raise young people on teen pregnancy. So, with that goal in mind, they could continue the show. Of course, they don’t mind that the show is so impressive.

Season 1 of the show was a short season, aired from mid-November until the end of December in 2017. Season 2 premiered on August 5, 2018 and was completed in early November. Subsequently, season 3 was aired on August 4, 2019 and also ended in November.

It can therefore be assumed that the show will be aired in August 2020 if it is renewed. Fans are hoping for an official announcement from TLC very soon.

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