Unexpected: McKayla Adkins broke up with her baby daddy..

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins broke up with her baby daddy..

As an original cast member of TLC’s Unexpected, McKayla Adkins has had his fair share of ups and downs. From two unplanned pregnancies to her mental health and financial challenges, McKayla Adkins has not had an easy time. And now, as Unexpected enters its fourth season, this young mother faces a future that doesn’t include the show that made her famous. 

While McKayla Adkins has allegedly mentioned leaving the show on several occasions, Soap Dirt reports that she may not have left of her own free will. In response to a fan’s question about whether or not Adkins would appear in another season, the star offered a simple but straightforward “no”. McKayla Adkins did not divulge any further details, leaving the real reason open to all sorts of fan theories. Some believe that the TLC wants to make room for new cast members, while others claim that Adkins produced the drama only to remain relevant.

Regardless of the real reason behind Adkins’ release, his personal life seems to be in turmoil as much as his public persona.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins broke up with her baby daddy..

McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison have two children together: Timothy James Allen (born July 2017) and Gracelynn Ann (born January 2019) Morrison was part of Adkins’ “Unexpected story” from the beginning, but while the two lived together and planned to marry after the birth of their first child, the stress of a second unexpected pregnancy may have had an impact on the couple. Since their breakup, Adkins and Morrison have had an ongoing love affair while they were parents to their children.

In late 2019, Adkins and Morrison were a couple again because they shared a video of the whole family shopping for their new home in October of that year, but in January 2020 they decided to leave it again. Adkins went on YouTube to share her feelings about the breakup. “I know I did what was best for me and the kids. Because kids, you know, don’t deserve two parents who are together for them…” she explained. “There should be two people in the house who love each other.” Adkins also said that Morrison “was being obsessive” and that “she wasn’t really allowed to do anything without him with me.”

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