Unexpected: What Couples Will The Show Follow In Season 5?

Unexpected: What Couples Will The Show Follow In Season 5?

The fifth season of Unexpected will debut on TLC in less than a month. The cast is in place and now a preview has been released. In it, all the highly anticipated drama that fans have come to expect is back in full swing. This is going to be a season like no other, which is worth waiting almost a year for.

Unexpected: What Couples Will The Show Follow In Season 5?

As usual, there will be some familiar faces and newcomers joining the cast of the hit reality series. Much like MTV’s Teen Mom, Unexpected takes viewers behind the scenes of being a pregnant teen. The ups and downs can be brutal, but some of the girls have incredible success stories. Here’s who’s returning for the final season. First of all, Tyra Boisseau is back and struggling with her baby daddy, Alex. She also brings some pregnant family members with her.

Next up is Lilly Bennett who was on the first season of the show. Now, she has a new boyfriend and they are getting ready for a big move. She has always lived with her mother, so this is a big step for the couple. Finally, Jenna Ronan is back for her second season. She comes from a broken home, so she has been desperately trying to make things work with her daddy. It’s very unlikely to work out.

As far as newcomers go, Emersyn Potter is pregnant at eighteen with a guy who clearly isn’t ready for it all. Add in his overbearing mother and it gets interesting. Finally, Kylen Smith is about to become a teen mom, which is extremely scary. It doesn’t help that her boyfriend is overconfident and under investigation for physical abuse. Time will tell how all of this will play out on the show.

In a preview of the upcoming season, it’s clear that anything can and will happen. Kylen’s father is angry because he feels they are missing out on monumental moments in the pregnancy. He wants to feel the baby kick for the first time.

Kylen’s boyfriend, Jason, seems extremely indifferent to his parents’ concerns and wishes. This could cause a lot of conflict especially since he now has a history of violence. Emersyn really wants her boyfriend to be able to share a room with her, but her mother is adamantly against it.

Lilly’s mother is a little too real for her taste. She doesn’t appreciate her daughter moving out. The mom even goes so far as to bring up the possibility that Lilly may be headed for divorce. The poor girl isn’t married yet. Still, they might not make it to the altar if she doesn’t see how hard it is to be a mom. Back to Emersyn and how her mom catches her and her baby daddy sleeping together.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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