Unexpected: Fans React to McKayla Adkins’s New Appearance

Unexpected: Fans React to McKayla Adkins’s New Appearance

The star of the series Unexpected, McKayla Adkins is sporting a new hairstyle. In a photo recently uploaded to social media, the star has cut her hair back while wearing her natural look. McKayla is known to have often worn wigs during episodes of the series to hide her natural curls.

Sometime towards the end of last year, McKayla got her tresses rather messy after she dyed her hair at home. It was a horrible experience for the unexpected celebrity, as she was unable to repair the damage to her own hair at the salon. She had no choice but to shave her hair off and start growing it again.

McKayla didn’t like her short hair for the first couple of weeks, but it seems the star has got used to the look of shaved hair. From the looks of it, McKayla seems to have recently had her hair shaved again. However, she didn’t make the mistake of having her hair chopped off, she just went for a simple pixie haircut.

Fans of the series have become accustomed to McKayla dying her hair different colours in recent years. This time, she hasn’t tried any hair dye, which means she’s doing her best to maintain her natural hair.

Unexpected: Fans React to McKayla Adkins’s New Appearance

McKayla Adkins’s new hairstyle has received a lot of praise from fans of the TLC series Unexpected. Many fans expressed their love for her new look, telling her that she looks beautiful and chic.

Some fans even likened her look to that of a high profile lawyer who is determined to win a court case to earn his big fee.

Another category of fans wondered why she decided to wear her new pixie hairstyle. Some of them said that she probably took time to grow her hair, while others thought she looks more beautiful with long hair.

Well, we definitely like McKayla with her new pixie haircut. After all, sometimes it helps to look different.

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