Unexpected: Are Jenna Ronan And Aden Albright Still Together?

Unexpected: Are Jenna Ronan And Aden Albright Still Together?

Fans of the hit TLC reality show met the couple in season 4 when Jenna was still in high school. She was dating her high school sweetheart Aden and apparently knew how to make babies. Aden Albright also knew, but wanted to avoid protecting himself, so he created the ultimate fraud. He told Jenna that boys ovulated like girls. She believed him and they got pregnant.

Instead of getting angry and breaking up with him for lying to her, Jenna Ronan knew she wanted to make it work. Her main reasoning was that she came from a broken home. She didn’t want that for her baby either. The two then welcomed a baby boy, Luca. They really tried to make it work, especially on Jenna Ronan’s part.

For the upcoming season, the press release shares that she is still trying to make a happy life with Aden Albright specifically for Luke. Back in October, the couple still looked extremely happy and posed on Instagram. Now, it seems that happiness has faded. What went wrong and are they in a friendly place?

Unexpected: Are Jenna Ronan And Aden Albright Still Together?

According to Starcasm, Jenna Ronan confirmed the split the other day during an Instagram Q and A. A fan asked if she and Aden Albright were still together. Jenna replied, “We are separating but there are no hard feelings.”

Shortly before this Instagram session, Jenna had mentioned that she was looking for a place just for her and her son. This may have been a subtle indication that all was not well in paradise. However, Aden was taken aback and shared that it was the first time he had heard of her plans.

In fact, many of the happy family photos she had posted in October were replaced by lonely shots of her and Luca. She refers to him as her “Little bestie.” Whether their separation will happen in the new season remains to be seen. It may have happened after filming, so fans can only hope for a storyline. For now, all the best to both of them as they embark on this new chapter.

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