Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Grosses Lawrence Out

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Grosses Lawrence Out

Unexpected teen mom Lilly Bennett not only had one pregnancy as a teenager, but she had two pregnancies. And TLC fans wondered how her second pregnancy could still overwhelm her.

Unexpected’s mother Lilly Bennett told her to take it easy with her new boyfriend, Lawrence Bishop. In fact, Lilly Bennett said her mother told her to save herself and play hard to get. She said she had been doing that for a while, until she stopped doing it.

Unexpected star Lilly Bennett said Lawrence and she began to get together. But she confessed that she “literally didn’t think that she could get pregnant.” She confirmed that she was on the pill, but then she revealed something else. Lilly from Unexpected said she was taking birth control pills, but she also admitted to forgetting some. And when she forgot some, she said she sometimes took it twice. And she thought it would solve everything and she wouldn’t be able to have a baby.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Grosses Lawrence Out

Fans of Unexpected said that Lawrence seems like a much nicer guy than James Kennedy. And that he certainly seems more mature than he was. Nevertheless, he became ghoulish when Lilly started talking about what was happening to her body.

The unexpected young mother Lilly Bennett said was milking herself, and Lawrence Bishop looked like he was very confused. Fans said his confusion might explain why they had a surprise pregnancy. In fact, it seemed that none of them fully understand how pregnancy works and what is involved.

Lawrence said he has a weak stomach and is not sure how he will handle the arrival of the baby. Nevertheless, Lilly Bennett said that he is very supportive of her, and that she is very happy to have him. In fact, she said he is very supportive and does a great job with her daughter, Aaliyah Rose Kennedy.

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