Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Accepts Defeat

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Accepts Defeat

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins begged fans to be more respectful of her. She embarked on a hair regrowth journey after cutting off her damaged locks.

But everyone seems to have an opinion about what McKayla Adkins does with her hair. She believes that she can’t do anything right when it comes to her haters.

McKayla Adkins had an unfortunate event after visiting a salon. The Unexpected cast member may have gone too far in changing her look. Her hair got damaged after dying it too many times.

So when she went to get help from a professional, she ended up with fried hair. McKayla Adkins said her locks “melted.” She had no choice but to start over and shave it all off.

The Unexpected reality star has since covered her buzz cut by wearing wigs. McKayla Adkins’ mane is growing out. But she said it’s at an awkward length. She wants to wear a wig until her locks are longer. With spring around the corner, McKayla wants a new one that looks natural and seasonally appropriate. So, she’s asking fans to help her out.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Accepts Defeat

McKayla got a lot of help from fans who told her where to buy the best wigs. She also made a few purchases and tried on a couple of them. However, some of the wigs McKayla Adkins bought don’t look natural unless she’s wearing a cap. The Unexpected cast member is still learning what looks good on her. But fans feel the need to hate her for the way she styles her mane.

McKayla of Unexpected often has to deal with people who hate her for buying cheap wigs. She also gets hate for buying ones that are too expensive. McKayla Adkins has accepted the fact that she can never “win”. She feels that she will never be good enough. She also believes that no matter what she does, people will always have something negative to say about it.

According to McKayla Adkins, many of her haters have an opinion about everything she does in life. She knows that they share some aspects of her lifestyle. But she said she doesn’t do it to get other people’s opinions. McKayla Adkins is trying to live her life in “peace.”

However, she feels it can be impossible at times. She said these trolls should “learn some respect.”

However, her choice of a toupee is not the only aspect of the Unexpected castmate’s life that fans like to criticize her about. McKayla makes money by selling explicit photos of herself.

Many people disagree with her decision to show off like that because she is a young mom. However, McKayla stays true to her commitment to making money. Her bills are paid and her children are taken care of, and that is what is important to her.

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