Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Shows off Ava Schenzel’s Artistic Side

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Shows off Ava Schenzel’s Artistic Side

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza’s daughter, Ava Schenzel, has a strange medical obsession. Most little girls like to play with dolls and other toys. But Ava’s obsession involves playing with an object that comes in handy when someone is hurt. Chloe Mendoza, however, has tried to take Ava’s mind off her obsession by spending time on another activity that shows her creative side.

Chloe Mendoza recently shared that her daughter, Ava Schenzel, has an obsession with band-aids. The little girl from the Unexpected Young Mother previously hurt her finger and had to put a band-aid on it. But her finger did eventually heal. But Ava didn’t stop with band-aids. Now it seems Chloe Mendoza has to keep an eye on her band-aid supply, as her little one likes to put them on herself for no reason.

The Unexpected reality star took her little girl to the store to buy a few essentials, and band-aids were on the list. Chloe said she needed to buy diapers for Ava Schenzel. But she also decided to buy her a box of band-aids. Most kids ask their parents for toys, but Ava was happy to get a box of medical supplies. But that wasn’t the only thing Chloe Mendoza bought for her little girl to play with.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Shows off Ava Schenzel’s Artistic Side

Chloe Mendoza also bought art supplies so she can paint with Ava Schenzel. The Unexpected cast member bought two canvases, twenty-four different colors of paint and brushes. Some of the colors even had glitter, which Ava was excited about. But Ava was not happy when the activity got too messy. She was done with the art project and wanted to take a bath.

The Unexpected TLC star did not give up on her artwork, even though her daughter was over it. Chloe tried to make a colorful flower. Ava Schenzel said she was painting a monster. But, according to Chloe Mendoza, it looked more like an abstract face. Ava is only two and a half years old, but Chloe thinks she has impressive art skills. She said Ava’s art looks like it could be sold for a million dollars.

Chloe also hoped to buy a ukulele from the store. She said she used to play the instrument all the time. But she had quit. However, she was ready to buy a new one and get back into the hobby. Unfortunately, the Unexpected castmate had no luck finding a ukulele at the store. Chloe Mendoza said she had seen them there before, which is why she went there. But the store she went to changed inventory from time to time and wasn’t selling them at the moment. It looks like Chloe is going to have to stick with painting until she can get her hands on a ukulele.

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