The Cast of Married at First Sight Side Against Chris Williams

The Cast of Married at First Sight Side Against Chris Williams

Married at First Sight’s Chris Williams is seen by some fans and cast as the villain of Season 12. Chris is money hungry and has high hopes for his new wife. But is he going too far in his expectations?

Chris of MAFS said he wants a wife who is not after him for his money. Chris’ bride must be intelligent and submissive. Sexy, good in bed, and a freak are other requirements he will expect from Paige. Fans of Married at First Sight report that they find the new groom selfish and shallow.

Paige Banks, Lifetime’s match for Chris , has her own home and career. Whether she meets Chris ‘ other demands remains to be seen. Fans see Paige as gorgeous and too good for Chris. Fans of Married at First Sight see Paige as down to earth while Chris is focused on more superficial details.

MAFS husband told viewers that a wife who doesn’t meet his expectations would make for a very sad Chris with blue b*lls. He wants his future children with Paige Banks to be an extension of his “brand” and build an empire for generations to come. With Chris having such high expectations, is it any wonder he turned to matchmakers to meet Paige Banks?

The Cast of Married at First Sight Side Against Chris Williams

As Chris struts about his money and boosts his ego, the other Married at First Sight cast members notice his attitude. The guys were taken aback when Chris showed up at their joint bachelor party not only with his cousin in tow but also with a blow-up doll. The other bachelors wondered if he was ready for a serious relationship

Previews for MAFS next week indicate that the cast confronts Chris Williams about the baby he’s expecting and tells him he’s a man. He thinks it’s none of their business how he and new bride Paige plan to deal with the situation. Chris explodes at them, telling them to mind their own business. Erik Lake tells Chris that he is out of line, and Vincent steps in to keep things from getting physical.

Paige Banks appears stunned by her new husband’s actions and doesn’t know how to act. The Married at First Sight Atlanta cast’s reactions to Chris are that he is horrible and has a bad temper. This volatile situation seems to be ready to blow up in the face of Paige and her husband. Fans will have to wait and see if the sparks continue to fly with this Married at First Sight couple.

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