Married at First Sight: Anthony D’Amico & Ashley Petta Relieved Second Pregnancy is Over

Married at First Sight: Anthony D’Amico & Ashley Petta Relieved Second Pregnancy is Over

Recently, Married at First Sight mom Ashley Petta posted a photo of her two little girls. She said Mila absolutely loves her new baby sister. And she was so excited that Ashley got them matching outfits. Vaeda, the new addition to the family, was dressed in a white ruffle shirt with Minnie Mouse on it.

The pants were bright pink with little Mickey Mouse heads all over them. Mila had a dress that matched Vaeda’s pants, with a little Minnie on the chest.

Mila had a huge smile on her face. And Ashley said the little girl was overjoyed to match her little sister. And that she hoped her daughters would always want to match.

Anthony D’Amico and his wife of Married at First Sight Ashley said they were relieved when Vaeda was born. And that they are very happy that Mila handled the new family member so well.

Married at First Sight: Anthony D’Amico & Ashley Petta Relieved Second Pregnancy is Over

Ashley Petta and Married at First Sight husband Anthony D’Amico shared that the second pregnancy was really tough.

The couple said the first pregnancy seemed to be much easier. And they had a lot less worries the first go-around. But that wasn’t the case this time around. Ashley had a lot of spotting and bleeding during her pregnancy. And the couple was worried that something might be wrong.

Luckily, after what Ashley said felt like more than a year, the Married at First Sight personality gave birth to Vaeda. And now Anthony and Ashley couldn’t be happier.

Ashley said their daughter Mila is probably the happiest in the family. She really loves her little sister. And Ashley said the first month has gone by quickly. The photo of her two girls marks one month since baby Vaeda was born.

Anthony said he would be happy regardless of the gender of their new baby. But that he really hoped they would have a boy. Unfortunately, the Married at First Sight couple had a second girl. And Anthony D’Amico said he’s not disappointed at all. He and Ashley are already in love with their new daughter. And Mila and Vaeda have already started to bond.

Ashley said she and Married at First Sight partner Anthony D’Amico thought Mila would make the best big sister. And they can’t wait to see how the two grow together as friends and siblings. For now, the couple wants to focus on their two children. But a third child isn’t out of the question, as both have said they want a boy. Although after the struggle the duo faced with their second pregnancy, they might not be in a big hurry to try for a son again.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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