Married At First Sight: Chris Williams’ Ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick Breaks Her Silence

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams’ Ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick Breaks Her Silence

Just a few days into a skilfully-crafted marriage, a new bride had to deal with something never before seen in the history of Married at First Sight – a pregnant ex-husband. What should have been a romantic honeymoon in Las Vegas turned into a heated exchange between the actors and the revelation that a baby was on the way.

Despite all this, Paige Banks was committed to a unique social experiment and decided to give her new husband Chris Williams a chance anyway.

After the unprecedented season finale, Chris Williams’ former fiancée Mercedes Myrick broke her silence on the miscarriage she faced this season.

After a long season that seemed to be full of break-ups and reunions, fans got a much-needed break for Paige and Chris after they called it quits one month into their marriage. While most fans thought Decision Day would have been the easy answer, Chris did what he did all season, dropped another bombshell right in front of the experts.

Continuing to put Paige in a difficult position, he explained: “Outside of day one, I felt like things were heading down the right track. It makes you think, “What if there was no pregnancy?”

While Chris Williams tried to tell the experts that they were “undecided” about their decision, viewers cheered when Paige was given the strength to opt for divorce.

Married At First Sight Chris Williams’ Ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick Breaks Her Silence

As the bombshell was revealed in the much-anticipated season finale, fans went so far as to accuse her former fiancé of not being pregnant at all.

After filming ended, Chris Williams ‘ former fiancée took to Instagram to finally break her silence about the intimate moment. “Since it’s out there and the season is over, my miscarriage was a very personal and tragic matter that I did not want shared on national tv but ratings right?” Addressing viewers who questioned the legitimacy of her pregnancy, she wrote: “And for anyone who questioned it y’all can go hell respectfully.”

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