MAFS: Chris Collette Shows Off New Girlfriend

MAFS: Chris Collette Shows Off New Girlfriend

Chris Collette has had a bit of bad luck with love. He seems to have managed to turn things around. The MAFS star took to Instagram to reveal the special lady in his life. Fans are very happy and excited for him.

MAFS: Chris Collette Shows Off New Girlfriend

Fans were delighted to see Chris introduce his new girlfriend on Instagram. Chris Collette posted lots of pictures in a slideshow with his new girlfriend Caitlyn. The couple looked very happy and had beaming smiles in every picture.

On the show, Chris Collette didn’t have much luck with his ex-wife Alyssa. They divorced just 12 days into their marriage. Nevertheless, Chris finally found someone and now looks very happy. Scroll down to see the pictures!

Chris hasn’t revealed much about his girlfriend, except her name. He wrote a beautiful F. Scott Fitzgerald poem as the title of his post. Looks like somebody has a love bug. Fans couldn’t stop gushing over the cute pictures and wished the happy couple all the best. The reality star has come a long way. Viewers can’t fail to be reminded of her journey.

His time in “MAFS” was not a fairy tale out of a book. Alyssa and him didn’t click. What’s more, the former was so convinced they weren’t right for each other that she never gave Chris a chance.

In fact, she spent most of their honeymoon trying to avoid him and badmouthing him to the producers. When Chris found out the horrible things she said about him, he was obviously very hurt and immediately asked for a divorce. His patience with Alyssa is what made him a fan favourite.

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