MAFS: Season 12 Contestants Chosen For Drama

MAFS: Season 12 Contestants Chosen For Drama

MAFS spoilers and updates hint that fans are fed up enough with the season to think the franchise will give something to Married at First Sight and believe they will watch. We watched the couples go through eight weeks, then it was judgement day, the reunion special, where are they now?

And on to the couples on camera. It just seems endless. And then we all know that the Clara Berghaus & Ryan Oubre Vow Renewal Special is coming! So it’s not ending anytime soon.

Much to my relief it was to see Paige Banks on the tee and moving on from her disaster match with Chris Williams. It was also nice to see that Jake Harder had a meeting with someone who actually treated him with respect and they both seemed to be having fun. Seeing Jake having drinks with Haley Harris after their divorce was completely pointless and a waste of airtime.

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs found marriage harder than they thought, but they persevered. Virginia was very ambitious with her dog and got a dog trainer. It was really nice to see them come together on marriage and children.

MAFS: Season 12 Contestants Chosen For Drama

Chris Williams looked like a train wreck stretching back to where Reverend Calvin Roberson visited him in the barbershop before the wedding. The signs were there, and if they had talked to anyone outside of Chris Williams, his former co-workers at Subway, or his “so-called” friends, he would have been out. The only good thing about the last episode is that Chris Williams wasn’t there and poor Paige said she had to block the slimy Chris Williams from her cell phone. If he keeps it up, who knows, maybe there will be another Married at First Sight restraining order; it wouldn’t be the first time!

The strangest part of the episode was that Briana Miles and Vinny Morales admitted that they still see Chris Williams, the only question is WHY. But then again, “champagne” Vinny’s creepy flirting with a stripper at a bachelor party is really “Chris” like. So maybe the birds are really together on this one. Season 13 airs on July 21, and fans will be longing for couples who actually fit together, even if it makes for a boring TV show. Real-life love shops, not incompatible mismatched unbelievable “unmatchable” couples.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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