MAFS: Paige Was Left Traumatized

MAFS: Paige Was Left Traumatized

MAFS spoilers and updates hint that Paige Banks’ friend Nancy Jo knew at the wedding that Paige and Chris Williams’ match was a failure. Nancy Jo is a mental health advocate and director of Macon Head Space, and in a recent interview, Nancy admitted that she wished she had told Paige early on.

Nancy Jo and Paige’s family were very supportive of her taking up what Married at First Sight offers. Paige was looking for a loving relationship, she believed the process would work for her, like some other successful couples at Married at First Sight. By the time of Paige’s wedding, the red flags were already visible. Chris told Nancy Jo that Paige wasn’t his type, a “trophy.”

After that, Chris had sex with her three times, then told her he didn’t feel any attraction to her, then told her his ex-fiancée was pregnant, then asked for a divorce, then wanted to get back together and try again, only to tell Paige it was her fault and she was through.

Then came judgement day when Chris couldn’t make up his mind and wanted to try again with Paige. The icing on the cake was when Chris told Pastor Cali on national television that Paige’s face was ugly! The good news, Paige got help and he let his fans know he wasn’t a pushover. Paige trusted the process and got stabbed in the back.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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