MAFS: Where To Now For Jake Harder?

MAFS: Where To Now For Jake Harder?

MAFS spoilers and updates hint that Jacob Harder, an 80s-loving geek since season 12 of Married at First Sight and hard going out this season. He got together with Haley Harris and the two couldn’t be a worse match. There’s been a lot of negativity about Jacob from fans because of his 80s love, but just because it wasn’t Haley’s jam doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s jam. He was downright mean with his sarcastic sneer at her and put too much emphasis on the fact that she only eats steak and eggs. If he had got to know her better, he would have known that she is on a ‘carnivore’ diet, which has helped her look the way she does at 39.

Jacob’s Instagram is full of photos from his backyard, where he actually made a real beach next to his pool. Recently, he was out for a run and eyed an old boat at a garage sale, and now he’s planning to add a backyard bar with a boat as a roof to his backyard paradise. Jake clearly hasn’t let the Married at First Sight experience put him off, he’s going to keep going.

MAFS: Where To Now For Jake Harder?

Looking at Jake Harder’s Instagram, you can see that this man loves his dogs and won’t give up his love for the 80s. Between Sonic The Hedgehog socks, Pepsi shirts, Cyndi Lauper and rainbow shirts, old baseball cards, Members Only, Ghostbusters, Neil Diamond, Atari, the Popular Science collection, Bob Ross and disco dancing, this guy is obsessed with the 80s and we love it! Jake was born in Lorain, Ohio, is 39 years old, owns his own home (with a beach in the backyard!) in a four bedroom n East Cobb County of Georgia, is fun and quirky in a nerdy way. He’s a gym enthusiast who’s ripped at 39. He’s an IT programmer and his cumulative net worth is probably at least six hundred thousand dollars.

Although Jacob is personally successful, he hasn’t always had success in the love department and that’s why he headed to Married At First Sight. Jake is ready to settle down, find someone who loves the 80’s, dogs and having fun. Jake seems to be a great guy and we wish him and his beautiful fur babies Wrex, Chloe and Jem all the best!

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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