Many ‘MAFS’ Fans Criticized Katie Conrad For Her Behavior Towards Derek Sherman

Many ‘MAFS’ Fans Criticized Katie Conrad For Her Behavior Towards Derek Sherman

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad were favorite fans of some viewers at the beginning of season 10 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight. The young couple seemed to get along well, enjoying the chemistry and passion during their honeymoon in Panama.

But things quickly took a bad turn (much worse) when Derek and Katie returned to Washington, D.C. Katie’s jealousy and her claims that Derek was too immature for marriage had an impact on their relationship, as did their frequent fights.

On the day of the decision – when each couple had to decide whether they wanted to divorce or stay married – many “Married at First Sight” fans hoped Derek Sherman would reject Katie. Instead, they both said “yes” to staying together. And the fans weren’t comfortable with their feelings about it on Twitter.

Many ‘MAFS’ Fans Criticized Katie Conrad For Her Behavior Towards Derek Sherman

Katie Conrad has received her fair share of criticism throughout season 10 of Married at First Sight.

First, she said she wasn’t sure she was ready to marry Derek Sherman because she was still caught up in an adventure that turned her into a ghost. She also tended to lose her mind over seemingly minor problems, such as Derek’s high school love poem and her laughter with casting partner Taylor Dunklin during a couples’ retreat.

On the day of the decision, Katie was still struggling. Although in the end she chose to keep trying in her marriage to Derek, the 26-year-old said she didn’t feel much connection to her husband and that their relationship seemed more like a “friendship” to her.

Fans did not hesitate to criticize her comments on Twitter, as the final episode aired on April 15. “Katie and Derek fucked for weeks, he assured her, he dealt with her inability to process glucose, he endured her irregular emotions,” one Twitter user pointed out. “And this… tw*t says there’s no emotional connection.”

Another argued that Katie was their least favorite cast member, even compared to her controversial casting partners Brandon Reid, Michael Watson and Zach Justice. “Michael and Brandon and Zach [are] so totally unlikely,” the fan wrote on Twitter. “But it has to be said that Katie is the worst.” Even her parents can’t stand her. D*mn girl… put down the wine glass and get some HELP. DEREK: You can do much better.”

Another one didn’t appreciate Katie’s attempts to take over her relationship with Derek. “The person in a relationship who gives the least has the power. Katie, that would be you. But your power will be short-lived,” warned the fan.

Married at First Sight: Most Fans Thought Katie Conrad And Derek Sherman Wouldn’t Last Long

Although the final episode ended romantically, with Derek and Katie toasting their marriage to the Married at First Sight experts, most fans seemed to think it wouldn’t last.

Both seemed deeply insecure that their decision was the right one on Decision Day. Also, a preview clip for the meeting seemed to suggest that Katie was unfaithful to Derek after filming was finished.

“Derek and Katie stayed together?! They’ll be divorced in less than 2 years,” a Twitter user predicted during the Decision Day episode. “That man won’t last long.”

A fan was hoping Derek Sherman was the one who would eventually reject Katie. “I just need a meeting, like now, please tell me Derek came to his senses and divorced Katie,” they wrote. Another predicted the same ending for the lovebirds, writing, “I know what it is. Derek will tell us at the meeting that he wants a divorce.”

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  1. Derek dodged a bullet with her, she is NASTY AND HAS A MEAN STREAK IN HER. She calls him a boy well she should have a pinafore on and a bow in her hair like the little girl she is !

  2. My husband was diabetic and he NEVER treated me with the disrespect that Katie has given Derek. That man went so far as to put her on his insurance. One of the many kind things he did for her.

  3. Katie, Taylor, Zach, MichaelBrandon and Meka were all terrible people on that show. The only person I can give somewhat of a pass in that group is Meka because Michael lies about things way too much and I can understand she was acting out of frustration. Katie is a chronic complainer and will never find happiness. Taylor is a self absorbed person and is extremely selfish and can’t admit when she’s wrong, even though everyone told her how wrong her video message was. Zach was at least honest about not being attracted to Mindy, which I respect and I blame that part on the match makers but he could’ve handle the situation better. Michael needs some serious therapy sessions to get out of his habitual lying. Brandon needs to take some meds to help with his anxiety issues and should’ve never agreed to be on a TV show and made an absolute fool of himself on national TV. And it’s obvious how petty Taylor is because I’m sure she went to that bar on purpose to mess with Brandon and the proof is in that video she posted saying she didn’t expect him to see it. It’s obvious the producers keep watch on their social media and they showed it to Brandon and she knew he was going to see that video.

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