Married at First Sight: Katie And Derek Make For One Of The Cutest Couples On ‘MAFS’ But That’s a Thing Of Past

Married at First Sight: Katie And Derek Make For One Of The Cutest Couples On 'MA FS' But That's a Thing Of Past

Katie wants Derek to fall in love with her, but seems to be more interested and attracted to his dreams, which include building tree houses and writing poetry. They need time and are extremely ambitious. Derek acknowledges this, and has even assured Katie Conrad several times that he won’t deviate from what they’ve been building in recent weeks. However, she seems anything but convinced.

In this week’s episode, Katie Conrad and Derek visit his house – his garage to be precise – which is filled with delicacies from when he was still at school. While messing around, Katie Conrad found an ice box on which a bucket list had been stuck, one of which was checked, to get a warm date for yourself. Building on that, Derek said that he and his date, Monica, snuck into a circus and housed elephants.

Was Katie furious or maybe a little jealous? She was definitely surprised. And even more so when Derek shared a piece of a poem he’d written at school. Titled “Sight,” it was an emotional poem laced with feelings of love and care. This shook Katie Conrad to the core because she couldn’t fathom how Derek could have written something like that if he’d never been in love. Meanwhile, Derek explained that you don’t have to be in love to relate to those feelings.

Meanwhile, fans think Katie Conrad is someone who is attracted to guys who are assholes and who are stunned that she is even a mental health professional.

“Katie Conrad is a fucked-up girl who is attracted to guys who treat her like shit and pull her hair so she doesn’t know what to think of a sensitive, romantic, poem-writing nice guy. Go back to the bastards, Katie Conrad, and let Derek find a nice girl,” one user wrote, while another participated, “Katie Conrad doesn’t know how Derek can write such a poem without ever having been in love. and we all wonder how in God’s name she’s a mental health professional with such an attitude.”

“Katie’s gonna think about this and sabotage it instead of complimenting Derek and enjoying a really good poem. What a bitch,” added a viewer. “Soooo… You’re jealous of a poem a guy wrote when he was 15. And you’re a counselor? “You’re NUTS Katy!!” another fan expressed.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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