Married At First Sight Experts Are Happy About Briana Morris and Vincent Morales

Married At First Sight: Experts Are Happy About Briana Morris and Vincent Morales

Early on, MAFS stars Briana Morris and Vincent Morales gave fans hope in the midst of a disappointing season. To be fair, it was one particular couple that has caused drama and confusion, and turned off long-time fans of the series. Negative attention threatened to overshadow much less dramatic duos like Briana and Vincent, but from the start, fans could see that these two were the real deal.

The couple bonded as soon as they got married, but after moving in together, real life started to kick in and with it came real problems. Briana’s bossy and outspoken personality proved to be a challenge for Vincent, and his hesitancy to have children also threatened the couple’s relationship.

On the day of the decision, both Briana and Vincent decided to stay married, but are they still together today.

Married At First Sight: Experts Are Happy About Briana Morris and Vincent Morales

The MAFS reunion proved that Briana Morris and Vincent Morales were committed to the process and the experts could not be prouder of the match. Although they received a lot of backlash for some of the pairings this season, the experts are certainly pleased with how this pair turned out.

While Dr. Pepper Schwartz admitted that this was the most tense season of the show, she called Vincent and Briana a triumph. When host Kevin Frazier pointed out how happy Vincent was to be paired with Briana, Dr. Pepper declared how happy she was.

If you follow either Vincent or Briana on social media, you will know by now that the two are still married and still going strong. This couple seems to be totally in love and have a lot of adventures if their Instagram pages are anything to follow.

The Married At First Sight stars looked happier than ever in their latest photos from the wedding they attended together, and by all accounts, Briana and Vincent are committed to making their marriage a success.

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