Paige And Chris Had A Very Rough Married At First Sight Season.

Paige And Chris Had A Very Rough Married At First Sight Season.

The drama of Paige Banks and Chris Williams took over MAFS last season. From the pair’s debut, viewers had been hoping they would split up and take a divorce after Judgement Day. Did that actually happen? Long-time Married At First Sight viewers may be a little disappointed because that’s not exactly how it went down. However, things did not go smoothly either.

Paige And Chris Had A Very Rough Married At First Sight Season.

Viewers were expecting that when Paige Banks and Chris Williams stepped up on judgement day, she would reject him and walk away. This was largely due to comments Chris has made in the past, such as suggesting that her face was a problem.

Naturally, this angered fans and led many to think he deserved better. Paige seemed to disagree, however, as she was happy to see her other half on Married at First Sight Decision Day. There were also a few surprises during the day when the show’s experts allowed the two to talk to each other. That’s when Chris Williams told his wife how much he had changed.

As he pointed out, she didn’t appreciate him as much as she should have, although now claims to. After the discussion, Paige and Chris said they had not made up their minds about divorce. The experts, however, did not take that as an answer and as Pastor Cal pointed out, the decision is either to divorce or not to divorce and “undecided” simply meant they would not divorce.

In the end, Paige decided that she would not change her mind about Chris and that the couple would divorce. Fans are happy with this decision, although the happiness would be short-lived. Not long after Paige agreed to the divorce, she said she was open to something happening.

It wasn’t until after Chris ran outside crying that Paige quickly followed. After the episode was filmed, it was revealed that the Married At First Sight couple were in counselling to work on their relationship.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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