Married At First Sight: Is Paige Banks Pregnant?

Married At First Sight: Is Paige Banks Pregnant?

MAFS spoilers and updates hint that the 20th season of Married at First Sight has just ended, Decision Day is over and so is the Reunion Show. Now we move on to the couples on camera and this season the big question is, who’s pregnant? There are rumours all over the internet that it could be Briana Miles or Paige Banks.

Briana got together with Vincent Morales on Married at First Sight and they’ve been discussing having a baby, they’re going from “let’s try in three months,” to “three years”.

Fans are shocked that Brianna could be pregnant, one said: “Oh wow! That would be shocking if Brianna’s pregnant. Seems a bit premature in their relationship but definitely something that Vince desired.” While Vincent was quick to rubbish the rumour on social media, saying: “deny, deny, deny”.

Paige Banks was with Chris Williams and he admitted to having sex with her three times before telling her he wasn’t interested in her. Paige admitted that there was a good chance she was pregnant, and at one point she really thought she was, but luckily she wasn’t. When she met Chris’s former fiancée Mercedes, Paige confessed to her her fear that she was pregnant, and jokingly Mercedes said, “pregnant by who?”.

It seems Mercedes was unaware that Chris Williams had sex with Paige several times during their honeymoon! We can rule Paige out, enough time has passed since those three faithful days, she broke off her ties and moved on from the nightmare that was her and Chris’ marriage.

Early on there were also rumours that Virginia Coombs was pregnant, because in a couple of photos posted of her wine glasses, they were full of clear liquid and her face looked a little fuller. If Virginia had been pregnant, it would have been a wake-up call for her as she is a self-proclaimed party girl. Luckily for Virginia, she hooked up with Erik Lake and he’s stable, so when she’s pregnant, he’s the best man for her.

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