Married At First Sight: Zack Freeman Has Reached His Breaking Point.

Married At First Sight: Zack Freeman Has Reached His Breaking Point.

We’ve been excited to see what the results will be from the Category K 5 melting of Hurricane K blowing through the pair retreat. And the answer turned out to be even stranger than we thought, as Michaela blamed Zack for leaving and claimed she had no evidence he would ever overreact. The fan panels went bang as viewers couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Fans were a little confused by Michaela’s response, which came during the couple’s return to the countryside chaos.

When Michaela and Zack Freeman sat down with Dr. Pepper, Michaela seemed to take a very different approach to the series of events than Zack.

Michaela stated that after she had politely asked Zack Freeman not to leave, but Zack had done so, she had a panic attack, which she said was unfortunate but unavoidable because she could not help it. He went on to say that Zack Freeman seemed to have a specific image of him in his head and somehow believed that he was overreacting and reacting knee-jerk.

Michaela said she didn’t understand where this was coming from because she had no evidence that he ever overreacted.

Married At First Sight Zack Freeman Has Reached His Breaking Point.

They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, with fans suggesting that Zack Freeman should run away once more. Many viewers aren’t particularly impressed with Zack and Michaela’s relationship this season; between explosive break-ups and break-ups, these original fan favourites have fallen to the bottom of the totem pole of viewer opinion.

In fact, some fans were already suggesting that Zack Freeman should leave during the honeymoon, when many found Michaela’s reaction to Zack’s positive COVID-19 test and the fact that he couldn’t share a room with her to be insensitive and overwhelming.

But the good times continued for the two as week after week we saw them come together and then break up again. The couple took it in turns to move in and out of a shared apartment, going back and forth about what they would say on the day of the decision, and bickering over sleeping and carpooling arrangements. It’s been a long season for the two and fans say enough is enough.

Many supported Zack Freeman’s decision to leave the meeting with Dr. Pepper and Michaela and felt he should just walk on.

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