Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman Told Frazier He And Katie Conrad Didn’t Have ‘much Time For Each Other’

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman Told Frazier He And Katie Conrad Didn’t Have ‘much Time For Each Other’

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad took a ride on the Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 10 roller coaster. The young couple enjoyed their wedding and seemed to have more than just the right amount of chemistry and passion during their honeymoon in Panama. But when they returned to Washington, D.C., things between them seemed to fall apart almost immediately.

Katie Conrad accused Derek Sherman of being emotionally immature and acting differently toward her when the cameras were off. On Decision Day, Derek and Katie Conrad decided to stay together, but both seemed doubtful and anxious about their choice.

In a preview of the April 22nd reunion episode, Married at First Sight, from TV Insider, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman told the reunion host, Kevin Frazier, about their marital woes after they decided to stay together about five months earlier.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman Told Frazier He And Katie Conrad Didn’t Have ‘much Time For Each Other’

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman sat down with Frazier for what appeared to be a tense encounter in the exclusive TV Insider preview clip.

“How was the wedding since Decision Day? Frazier wanted to know, five months after the fact.

Derek Sherman, 26, seemed to be proceeding cautiously as he responded. Right after Decision Day, we moved into our new home,” the star of “Married at First Sight” began nervously. “You know, we’re trying to make a few dates here and there, but at this point we really don’t have much time for each other.”

Katie Conrad, also 26, was much less diplomatic. She accused her husband of going back to his old life and even not acting married as soon as the producers of Lifetime headed home. “I felt like the cameras were gone, and he was back to his life before this happened,” she complained in her furtive stare.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Hinted That She Felt Abandoned By Her Husband

Throughout Season 10, Katie Conrad often accused Derek of neglecting her emotionally and not engaging enough. The mental health professional also referred to Derek as a “boyfriend” because of his lack of initiative in their marriage.

Katie Conrad argued that these problems only became more serious when Derek was not worried about a production crew following him. “He was out until 11:00, sometimes until midnight,” she said. “He said he was working late, which was fine with me, but there was very little communication.”

Derek’s lack of communication and his lack of follow-up made Katie Conrad feel alone in her relationship. “You know, he didn’t tell me when he was coming home late, he didn’t tell me when he was coming home,” sadly said the star of Married at First Sight. “I didn’t even know if I should make dinner. I felt like he went back to school and work, and it was like things were back to the way they used to be.” “So you felt left out,” Frazier ventured out.

But Katie Conrad thought the problem was even deeper. She seemed to allude to the fact that Derek was deliberately sabotaging the affair, or that he only said “yes” on the day of the decision to get handsome.

“I felt like he didn’t really want to make it work,” she said as Derek watched, cheeky and unreadable. “I felt like he said that. I felt like he was saying the right things, but he wasn’t showing me any of it.”

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