Married at First Sight: Fans Had Mixed Reactions To Katie Conrad’s Perspective On Her Marriage

Married at First Sight: Fans Had Mixed Reactions To Katie Conrad’s Perspective On Her Marriage

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman ended their marriage in bad shape, to say the least, in Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. The young couple often fought over everything from Derek’s dreams for the future to their past relationships and their declining sex life. After weeks of almost incessant fighting, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman finally decided to give up shortly after Decision Day.

At the Married at First Sight meeting, however, things became even more uncomfortable between Derek and Katie Conrad. Derek Sherman accused his wife of having an affair with an ex who turned her into a ghost shortly before she joined the show. While Katie Conrad admitted to sleeping with her ex not long after she and Derek Sherman had decided to separate, she insisted that she hadn’t cheated on Derek Sherman right after the honeymoon, as one of her casting partners would have suggested.

Since the end of the season, Katie Conrad has attracted a lot of criticism on social media. Recently, the star of Married at First Sight made her Instagram account public again and defended herself against trolls and negative comments.

MAFS: Katie Conrad Admitted That She ‘said Hurtful Things’ During Her Marriage To Derek Sherman İn A Recent Instagram Post

After the end of Season 10, Katie received so much hate on social media that she turned off the comments on most of her Instagram posts. The only exception? Her most recent post, in which she shared “the truth” about her tumultuous and unfortunate marriage to Derek.

The mental health professional opened up about her experience on Married at First Sight in a caption under a photo of herself with her now ex-husband. “Here’s the truth: we didn’t fall in love, we weren’t as compatible as we hoped we would be,” Katie Conrad wrote. “We agreed to move on and see other people.”

The star of “The Married at First Sight” admitted she didn’t treat Derek the way she should have. “Sometimes I wasn’t at my best. I said hurtful things, I did hurtful things, and for that, I apologized and I paid the price,” Katie Conrad confessed.

However, Katie Conrad defended herself and expressed the hope that she would eventually find her soul mate. “But I was also this: true to myself, and for that I will not apologize. I signed up for this to give her a chance, and no matter what other people’s opinions looked from the outside, that’s exactly what I did – I gave him a chance,” Katie Conrad insisted.

She concluded by offering Derek her best wishes for his future, writing poignantly, “Everyone deserves to find happiness and love, and I choose to believe it comes when it’s meant to. Settling doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t worth it – it just means that it’s not what’s meant for you. As for Derek, I hope you find that, too”.

Married at First Sight: Fans Had Mixed Reactions To Katie Conrad’s Perspective On Her Marriage

Not everyone took Katie’s place well. Some commentators took the opportunity to criticize Katie for her relationship with her ex during the final moments of her marriage to Derek. Others pointed out that Katie was hypocritical for advocating kindness when she was not always kind to her husband.

“Be nice… you mean the way you’ve been ‘nice’ to Derek?” one critic was wondering under Katie’s employ.

The other Instagram users were more welcoming to the star of Married at First Sight, admitting they weren’t sure they knew the whole truth about what had happened behind the scenes. Others admired Katie for her willingness to open up about her flaws on social media.

“I also admit that there were times when I thought she was really bad,” one fan wrote to Katie. “Anyway, if I thought about putting myself in her shoes, I’m sure I’d have many moments, too. I think I’m a lot like you after thinking about it, and we’re not bad! I wish you the best!”

A viewer of “Married at First Sight” wished Katie the best, suggesting that she use the show as a learning experience for future relationships. “I know the internet can be really cruel and I hate it! But I also hope you can look at yourself and think about how this process can make you a better person. I wish you both the best of luck,” they wrote diplomatically.

Another commentator praised her willingness to be crude and vulnerable on the show, writing generously, “My favorite throughout the show. She is so strong and vulnerable at the same time. You are an inspiration. I wish you all the best.”

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. Kathie seems like she missed her calling. For working in her profession? Come onnnn! She is so self centered! Hardly a visionary…lacks any kind of compassion. She appears to need mental health help.

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