MAFS: Haley Despised Jake Harder

MAFS: Haley Despised Jake Harder

MAFS spoilers and updates hint that Jake has been paired up with Haley Harris for Married at First Sight season 12. On last week’s reunion special, host Kevin Frazier criticized Jake Harder for not trying to get romantically involved with Haley when she made it very clear that she wasn’t interested in him.

Kevin Frazier teased Jake Harder more than once for the way he treated Haley. But when it comes down to it, Jake Harder’s unwanted attention or gestures when Haley had made it very clear that she wasn’t interested in him is irritating and can almost feel like he’s being stalked.

Even when Jake wanted to do something as simple as holding Haley’s hand, he said no. How did Kevin think a man could do anything remotely romantic? Jake Harder knew Haley didn’t like him, he felt negative vibrations. No matter what he bought her, what she did, nothing would change the fact that she just didn’t like him. And how did Kevin Frazier think it was fair to Jake Harder to invest so much time and energy into a relationship that was doomed the day after he had sex with Haley on their honeymoon.

This is self-harm to say the least. If we look back at just the expensive bracelet Jake Harder bought Haley, he didn’t care about it and was totally disrespectful of the way she treated the gift and paid no attention to her feelings.

MAFS: Haley Despised Jake Harder

Unfortunately for Jake Harder, Haley Harris made it clear that she despised him. How could the man continue to try when he was getting such vibrations. It’s hard to understand what Kevin was getting at with his comments on the reunion special.

Kevin continued to tease, but Jake just didn’t take it, good enough. Kevin’s attitude to this relationship was really strange. Haley Harris couldn’t have looked more disgusted with Jake Harder during the season, up to and including decision day on the reunion special. It was refreshing to hear Dr. Pepper say: “she’s cold!”. damn right he was.

Maybe Jake Harder hasn’t been introduced in years and has an 80’s obsession, but it’s not fair to try to change him so he can give some “cold” woman the affection she doesn’t deserve. Kevin even said that Haley having sex with Jake was a “trying” with him. Seriously? He admitted he was drunk and it only happened once.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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