Is Myrka Cantu of “Unexpected” Pregnant Again? Inside the Baby Bump Mystery

Is Myrka Cantu of "Unexpected" Pregnant Again? Inside the Baby Bump Mystery

When fans first met Myrka Cantu, a former star of the TV show “Unexpected,” she struggled with young motherhood, family dynamics and financial stability. Her relationship with Ethan Ybarra and subsequent breakup kept fans engaged with her story. But what is causing a stir now? A mysterious photo posted on Instagram that has once again sparked pregnancy rumors!

Recently, Myrka Cantu shared a photo on her Instagram stories that appeared to show a baby bump. The image immediately ignited a storm of speculation, with fans and followers trying to figure out if the former “Unexpected” star was about to become a mother for the third time.

However, in a follow-up post, Cantu wrote that the suspected bump was just her leg, captured from an odd angle. The clever trick did not deter eager fans, as the “leg bump” became a hot topic on Reddit, where users debated whether it was a genuine hint or a tease.

One Redditor responded, “I wouldn’t be surprised, but it looks like her knee. Still, she definitely posted it at that angle for attention. No doubt.” But others questioned her living conditions and ability to support another child.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu’s Journey Continues

Since leaving “Unexpected,” Myrka Cantu has finished high school, met her current husband and welcomed another daughter. Her open confession about not using birth control has only fueled speculation about another child on the way.

Meanwhile, fans of “Unexpected” can look forward to more baby news, as Jenna Ronan returns for season 6 and is expecting a boy. Tyra Boisseau, who left after season 5, also recently welcomed her second child. Check out the latest episodes and baby updates on TLC’s

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