McKayla Adkins from “Unexpected” Reveals New Career Path and Talks About Recent Nose Job

McKayla Adkins from "Unexpected" Reveals New Career Path and Talks About Recent Nose Job

From teenage parenthood to exciting career changes and even a new nose job, McKayla Adkins, who rose to fame on TLC’s popular show “Unexpected,” is not one to shy away from the spotlight. In recent interactions with fans, she has shared some exciting news.

Unexpected: A New Nose and the Healing Process

McKayla Adkins recently went under the knife again for another rhinoplasty, a revision of her previous procedure. Unlike the first surgery that took two weeks to heal with a cast, this revision took only a week, with 24/7 tape. Now bedtime is the only tape time for her, making the recovery process smoother.

She shared a snapshot showing off her new nose, and while the healing wasn’t “fun,” she is pleased with the results. McKayla’s adventure into the world of cosmetic surgery is not uncommon, and for those curious about the process, sources such as WebMD offer comprehensive insights.

Unexpected: Stepping into the World of Cosmetology

In addition to her nose revelation, McKayla’s fans were quick to see her wearing a barber’s apron in the photo shared. The “Unexpected” alumnus then revealed her exciting career move: she is currently in cosmetology school.

The move into hair styling seems appropriate for the TLC star, who has previously experimented with different hair colors and styles. Despite a history of damaging her hair with bleach, she seems determined to master the art of hairstyling. Prospective hair stylists like McKayla can find inspiration and guidance on platforms such as

From bartending to cosmetology, McKayla’s shift in her professional life represents her fearless approach to new opportunities. Her fans can expect more creative and personal transformations from this versatile personality in the future.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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