Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Keeps Kids Offline

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Keeps Kids Offline

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins has revealed the custody agreement she has with her baby daddy, Caelan Morrison, for their two children. The TLC cast members have been separated for a while. They were able to move on with each other after their breakup. But co-parenting doesn’t seem to be an easy task for them.

McKayla Adkins’ life took a turn when she became a mom at a young age. It was difficult for her to raise her son as a teenage parent. However, the Unexpected castmate had a lot of help from her grandparents.

However, things got complicated when she became pregnant with her daughter again. Since becoming a mother of two, McKayla Adkins has done everything she can to support them. But is she getting help from her daddy, Caelan?

The Unexpected reality star recently revealed the custody agreement she has with Caelan Morrison. McKayla Adkins seems to be the sole provider for her little family. According to McKayla Adkins, she has full custody of both of her children. She said that she is their “residential parent” and they live with her “24/7”. Thus, they seem to spend more time with her than with their father, Caelan Morrison.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Keeps Kids Offline

McKayla shared her story with TLC viewers for a couple of seasons of Unexpected. However, once off the show, she didn’t stop sharing her life with fans. She kept fans updated on her children and her life as a young mom.

But, McKayla Adkins received a lot of hate from viewers. These people would give her unwanted opinions about her parenting skills. They would also have hate on her for how she makes her money.

McKayla of Unexpected decided it was best to keep her two children off social media and limit what she shares about her life.

However, some fans miss getting updates from her. But McKayla Adkins said her decision to keep her children offline is for privacy reasons. Caelan Morrison also recently kept photos of their two little ones off the internet.

McKayla and Caelan Morrison haven’t had the easiest time parenting together. Once the TLC duo decided to part ways, they struggled to get along.

Caelan accused McKayla Adkins of keeping their children away from him. He even went to court to fight for the rights. At the time, Caelan said that “things went great” in court and that he was getting a chance to see his “kids.”

At the moment, Caelan Morrison of the Unexpected doesn’t seem to be completely off the hook. Last year, she shot a few videos of her having fun with her little ones. So, Caelan has the chance to spend memorable moments with them. However, knowing that McKayla has full custody, there’s a good chance that she won’t get to see her son and daughter often.

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