Unexpected – the EPO taken out by Hailey 2

Unexpected - the EPO taken out by Hailey 2

Unexpected fans heard that Hailey 2 and Matthew broke up. In fact, she shared that she was going to court for an emergency protection order (EPO) against him. But she admitted that she felt “broken”. Now she seems much more forgiving and tolerant of Matthew. And she seems to have received good advice from her father. He seems to be helping her shape her decisions about Matthew and her unborn baby, Levi.

Unexpected: the EPO taken out by Hailey 2

TV shows Ace reported that Haily went to court for an EPA on Matthew. We noted that she never found out why. But she also said she felt “broken” in court. She said on her Instagram, “There’s no way I want my baby to grow up without his father and not know him.” Then she added, “It’s cruel.” So, since they both made her baby together, they should both have a chance to help raise him.

Now, in an Instagram Stories Q&A, Hailey 2 seems to have had a long heartbeat with her father. And, uh, looks like she’s taking some of his advice. It’s good to know her father’s there for her. The Ashleys Reality Roundup reported that Hailey 2 was suffering from depression. So, someone for the Unexpected Alum to talk things out with sounds ideal. At least now we know that both her parents support her and are looking forward to Levi’s arrival.

Unexpected: Hailey gets a different attitude to Matthew, advice from her dad

During her questions and answers, Hailey now seems quite lenient to allow Matthew into her son’s life. In fact, she said that even if Matthew would come back with Hailey 1, she might consider showing them Levi. Although it’s still early, she also feels that she won’t have a problem when Levi meets their daughter Kinsley. In fact, she said that “Matthew will be great with his son.”

When a fan asked her about her turning attitude toward Matthew, she said she had a long talk with her father. Despite the fact that her parents are divorced, she noted that they both seem excited to meet baby Levi. In her response, the Unexpected Mommy said, “Sit down and talk to my father, who is my best friend, in an adult manner. Then she added that she “came to the conclusion that she can’t be immature now. After all, as she says, “I’m a mommy.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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