Hot and Heavy: What Is Happening with Joy and Chris?

Hot and Heavy: What Is Happening with Joy and Chris?

TLC Hot and Heavy Spoilers thinks we’ve met three couples who all have one thing in common: the man loves big women and the women are big! TLC has gotten a lot of flack for airing a show that shows men who love obese women.

Fans of the network said it made morbid obesity look glamorous and not unhealthy. Because it’s said and done, the show has to go on and it is! The couples with mixed weight in the show let us into their lives and we have some information about one of the couples, Joy Hill and Chris Ortega.

One of the most popular couples in the show is Joy and Chris. People love them and want to see them get married. They’re engaged, but Chris’s family doesn’t approve of his relationship.

They met at a dating app and at that time Joy lived in Nebraska and Chris lived in California. Chris met Joy face to face as he flew out to meet her. This was about six months after they started calling. He admitted that he’d always loved bigger women.

Who are Chris and Joy on Hot and Heavy?

Hot and Heavy : What Is Happening with Joy and Chris?

On Hot and Heavy the fans will be watching these two as they plan their wedding. We know they are married now and their wedding was on June 29th 2019. They got married in a private house, but TLC filmed the ceremony.

They’ll show that and the reception. They haven’t been able to post much on social media because of their contracts, but Joy’s Instagram does say “woman” in her profile. It seems Chris didn’t let his parents force his decision when it came to getting married and we are glad he stood up for who he loves!

At least we all know they are happily married now and we can see their planning and relationship grow on Hot and Heavy. The show will be broadcasted on Tuesday at 8pm EST.

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