90 Day Fiance: Deavan Embarrasses Jihoon

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Embarrasses Jihoon

There’s a lot of drama this season for Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee at TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. And there are a lot of questions among fans around recent scenes with her and other people in Jihoon’s life.

Deavan embarrassed her husband in his workplace. She told his boss that Jihoon got into trouble in the past by selling “stolen” phones. Meanwhile, she spilled her husband’s private business to his friends about the fact that he also had pictures of other girls on his phone. And many 90 Day Fiance watchers see these scenes as awkward and embarrassing for Jihoon.

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance member Deavan threw TLC under the bus when she said the show is “scripted”. How much the production affects what the sentries see is a topic each season. What’s more, she went one step further. According to Deavan Clegg, her scenes follow a script.

However, many fans don’t believe much of what Deavan has to say these days. Many followers feel she has been less than honest with them lately. Many former cast members have said that the show will do several takes and props. But many say that what happens in the relationship is real and not scripted.

90 Day Fiance alum Cassia Tavares says that TLC does not scan script scenes. However, she added that there is a caveat. According to her, the only thing “100% real” about the show is the couples. Cassia said the production creates scenarios to maximize the drama between the couples. Meanwhile, that – in combination with heavy editing – pushes certain stories with each storyline.

Some fans think Deavan Clegg calls 90 Day Fiance scripted so she can use TLC as a scape goat for the way she treated her husband Jihoon Lee while standing in front of the cameras.

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  1. Her and her mom should be embarrassed on how they act Jihoon is much better off without them their freaking crazy NUT JOBS!!!

  2. She always wanted to leave Jihoon, it seemed like she did any and everything to have an argument and expose him so that they would break up. It was extremely uncomfortable the way she aired his business to his friends that she dinnit know and dinnit even speak English. She is very messy. I feel like she always complained about him or the relationship.

  3. I really don’t care for her at all she never really seemed like she was 100 percent in love with jhoon.she just kept making him look bad she’s the one who got pregnant and then she complained about being in Korea with him.and she said he did bad things to Dricilla i highly doubt it she made that up she had plastic surgery on her face. She complained about money constantly. I don’t even think she wanted to have sex with him.shes already found someone else its not fair to jhoon that his son is away from him.

  4. Seriously. She’s the problem. She meets a guy on the internet, then sleeps with him the first time she meets him in person and gets pregnant. Her daughter is a wild child who’s never been disciplined. She’s totally fake and her mother is worse.
    She’s do anything for a buck. Be happy Jihoon to be rid of her. She’s a waste.

  5. We’ve all watched TLC. Aka trashy liberal channel. Anyone with half a brain knows that the couple have left the show, because the show. Just keeping it real for all you are out of touch. TLC isn’t the angel it wants people to think it is. Jahoon, was still a boy who doesn’t want to grow up and take care of two children. And a wife.

  6. It’s obvious that TLC is heavily edited and scripted to keep the audience attention… And it’s definitely working for the most part.

  7. I enjoy watching this so so much I watch the ones I record at least 2 times. I enjoy “pillow talk also. Keep this show going plz. What happened to the guy from Arizona we never see him or his wife from Africa.

  8. In 90 days fiance love is on the air. How could you love someone that you never met in person before and how could you expect someone to be your perfect match when you know at first that religion and customs is so important in someone life.

  9. It’s ridiculous how she keeps talking to everybody about his business. And that Chantel’s mom sounds like she is reading when she talk. Take that show off.

  10. She’s too immature to be a wife or a mother. She has a resting bitch face all the time. What did she expect when she came to live in a third world country. She is delusional and ungrateful. She doesn’t work and he barely makes any money and they go and get pregnant again these two are just stupid I’m sorry

  11. This girl has her own set of issues. For instance that bratty daughter she has that does not listen to anyone! When she ran from them the other night, mom and grandma blames everyone except the bad child! Spank her butt!! She should know better!!

  12. Deavan needs to admit that her daughter needs a lot of professional help. She appears to be autistic and have behavioral issues. Jihoon was blamed for letting her go in the street. How does someone without any experience know how to control a child like her?

  13. Deavan is insecure and she has no respect for her marriage whatsoever. There are certain things that you keep between you and your significant other.

  14. I am glad for Jihoon to be alone. Once again she will find someone else. I believe her daughter is from someone else.

  15. When a man tells EVERYONE on national TV show, that he’s “I’m use my 🖐🏼” ,that should let you know his wife doesn’t have sex with him too often. He also answered, VERY honestly, that he cheated “because she not have sex with me for 3-2 months.” He LOVES sex, obviously!! Devan found out in Korea it wasn’t going to happen ALL of the time because her mom wasn’t there to babysit, so she can go play. As sad as it is, they did lose a child, so they were having some sex. I think she was unhappy there, but wasn’t woman enough to say so. Let’s find a way to make it ALL Jihoons’ fault. Now he’s suffering through the pain of not getting to see his son!! I’m sure she’s already got that wild child of hers calling the new boyfriend “Daddy” by now. I wonder how many men she’s already called “Daddy?” That family is CRAZY nuts!! Jihoon, she did you a HUGE favor by leaving!! Now you just need to get yourself in order, get a stable job with a good income, & FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS TO SEE YOUR SON!! She can’t keep him from you just because you’re in another country!!!

  16. I think her and her mothers behavior is simply appalling! To directly discipline Jihoon, when her daughter is clearly the problem. She has no direction or discipline at all, and Jihoon did run after her, when she ran off.. He mother clearly blames him, for her mistakes and not her own daughter. Who has sex on the first date and gets pregnant that is being careless!

  17. what I want large family. Get shit together, bad it doesn’t work out!!! can’t you not purchase a condome at a gas station bathroom? It’s better than. ….. IT’S STRAIGHT UP A YHIMH IN IN AMERICA!!, Im some over the poverty that’s been hit by cov19. We’ve got boxes for you to come over 2 at a time, so your children will have Christmas, you will have Christmas dinners, etc.

  18. LOL Wat?!? Jihoon is a man-child who refuses to grow up. He has lied to her REPEATEDLY. And she’s supposed to sit and smile quietly??!! Omg. I really hope she did leave him. These comments supporting Jihoon seem to be the definition of misogyny. What century are we in?? Unbelievable.

  19. Jihoon you are very lucky to have gotten away from that witch who did everything she could to try and tear you down. I just pray you will continue to see your son.Stay Strong

  20. Deavan needs to understand how shallow she appears on the show! As a foreigner in Korea, cultural differences start with her. She is rude and broken her husband to a pulp! She has undermined TLC as progression towards a beautiful and sexy life. How sickening is this bossy sex pot turning Korean traditions into USA.

  21. Well she is tiring to watch being over reacted all the time. No man can stand complainer on a relationship I just feel sorry to Jihoon parents about that issues on atm machine… To be honest as an asian person lover of watching TLC stories, that is the worst disaster not just in korean parents but all good parents in the worlds to see how the marriage of their son fails… Yes, Jihoon is kindly irresponsible in some actions but it doesn’t mean to treat him like he is a total idiot and embarass him publicly…

  22. Dehaven used this program, she has the babies and her mother raises them. Makes u wonder what the set up is in this family. They can’t control her daughter cuz no discipline and then they throw that child on Jihoon, someone that has no experience with children. Dehaven is a joke, sorry.

  23. Hi. I always feel bad for him. The way her mom have treated him is awful and shameful. And her little girl needs some disciplines as well. Its obvious they allow her whatever she wants. The best thing could happen to him is her leaving.

  24. Deaven is a POS and so is her mother. They let that child act wild. Jihoon had NOTHING to do with that little girls upbringing. That family is disgusting and what they have done to jihoon is WRONG. DEAVEN Is a LIAR! Jihoon deserves way better and drewcilla needs checked for adhd. She acts exactly like a child with adhd and odd. Maybe DEAVEN should have worried more about her daughter instead of men.

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