Angela Deem’s Boombox Antics on 90 Day: The Last Resort Shakes Up Fans and Cast Alike

Angela Deem's Boombox Antics on 90 Day: The Last Resort Shakes Up Fans and Cast Alike

Just when we thought we had seen it all, Angela Deem and Jovi Dufren literally come in with a bang (box). Yes, you read correctly. It’s all fun and games in TLC’s 90 Day: The Last Resort, until someone decides to blast music at 2 a.m. outside Yara Zaya’s room. And let me tell you, this was no sweet serenade. No, this was the kind of stunt that makes you wonder about social etiquette and, well, the limits of reality TV.

You might ask, “Why the drama?” Jovi and his wife Yara had already had their share of marital bumps. From disagreements over family planning to the always piquant topic of personal boundaries, this couple had no shortage of tension. So, when Jovi decided to go to the bar instead of back to their room, it seemed like a typical reality TV move-add fuel to the fire. Only this time, Angela Deem had a lighter and a boombox.

But let’s look at the bigger picture here. For Yara Zaya, the public space of a hotel becomes a semi-private extension of her personal life thanks to the ever-watchful reality TV cameras. When Angela and Jovi invaded this space with music and an alcohol-fueled energy, the invasion was twofold: both in her personal life and in the space she shares with others. Which brings us to the burning question: Should reality TV step back from such invasive antics?

90 Day: The Last Resort: The Fans Speak – Public Reaction to the Late-Night Fiasco

Fans have FOUR things to say, and boy, are they ever vocal! Social media lit up like a Christmas tree after this episode aired. There was no shortage of opinions; many agreed with Yara Zaya and expressed dismay at Angela’s blatant disrespect for others. One Twitter user said Angela showed how “selfish and uncaring of others” she was, while another commented on how she had “no regard” for people. Seriously, Twitter was buzzing faster than Angela’s boombox.

It’s not just fans who voice their opinions. Critics and entertainment bloggers have also had their say. According to Reality TV Tea, “Angela’s stunt smacks of a desperate need for attention.” Another pop culture website, The Ashley, takes a harsher stance, calling the boombox incident “a new low for reality TV,” and questioning whether such intrusive actions should be approved by the show’s producers.

While some viewers take Angela Deem’s side, suggesting that she simply added some late-night flavor to a show known for its fiery drama, the general consensus remains critical. Was Angela intentionally casting shade at Yara? Was she simply swept up in the revelry of reality TV life? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: this episode sparked conversations about personal boundaries like never before.

90 Day: The Last Resort: What Next? Angela Shares Video and Keeps the Drama Brewing

If you think Angela Deem is taking a step back after this stuff, you’re wrong. She recently resorted to social media to share a video of the night in question when she and Jovi went on their drinking adventure. Now that’s audacity! Some fans think she’s just fanning the flames, trying to keep the drama pot hot for the next few episodes. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame her.

The video has also given fans a deeper insight into the dynamic between Angela and Jovi. There is a theory going around that Angela is trying to “throw shade at Yara” with this video. Is she trying to lure Jovi away from his wife? Is this another chess move in the complicated game of 90 Day Fiancé?

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