Counting On: Duggar Fans Tell Jill Duggar To Sweep Her Floors

Counting On: Duggar Fans Tell Jill Duggar To Sweep Her Floors

On Saturday, June 27, Jill Duggar shared a picture of her son under the table after he made a mess of it. Her two-year-old son Samuel got some honey and spilled it on the tile floor. The boy sits under the table with a pile of honey next to him. Jill writes, “

In her post, Jill Duggar also mentions a recent blog post, in which she discusses the chatter. She shares some insight into how Michelle Duggar raised her. She also shares a personal story about her two sons and how they apply what she teaches them. You can read the full blogpost here.

While some Counting On fans talk about the mess Samuel made and the helpful advice Jill shares on her blog, others are focused on something else.

Counting On: Duggar Fans Tell Jill Duggar To Sweep Her Floors

Jill Duggar’s kitchen floors aren’t something fans usually see when they post on social media. Most people don’t see celebrities’ kitchen floors, so they don’t know how dirty or clean they are. Because Jill’s floors are visible in the photo, a few of her social media supporters quickly pointed out that she needs to wipe. One of her followers writes, “Need to sweep.” In response, Jill writes, “Haha yep.”

A few other commentators told Jill that she also needs to sweep her floors. But, Jill Duggar didn’t get defensive about the issue. The crumbs on the floor are visible, so maybe she realized there was no point in arguing about it. Luckily, most of the comments on her post are positive. One fan even said something about the comments about Jill Dillard having to sweep. They reminded Jill Dillard that the floors can wait and that she needs to enjoy her time with her kids.

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