Counting On: Jill Offers Parenting Advice To Followers

Counting On: Jill Offers Parenting Advice To Followers

On social media, Jill Duggar is not afraid to be honest. Although there’s a family drama going on behind the scenes that she doesn’t mention, she’s open about other things. She sometimes talks about upbringing and other topics.

In an Instagram post on Saturday 27 June, Jill Duggar shows the fans what she’s encountered in the kitchen. Her picture is of her son, Samuel, 2, sitting under the kitchen table. Next to him is a bottle of honey. And there is even a puddle of honey on the tile floor and some on his hand.

The Duggar daughter writes: “Sam’s favorite place to hide in the kitchen is under the table. And yes… he’s found the honey.”

In response to Jill Duggar’s post, other parents share their own similar stories. They say Samuel’s sweet eyes can get him out of trouble. And they say it’s never right for the little ones to be quiet. Some fans look at the sunny side and say it’s good that Samuel is in the honey on the tile floor instead of on the carpet. The mess could certainly have been much worse!

Counting On: Jill Offers Parenting Advice To Followers

In addition to documenting this honest moment in motherhood, Jill Duggar shares a blog post she wrote about parenting. Specifically, she talks about tattooing and reducing the number of times this happens. In her blog post, Jill talks about how Michelle taught the children to cut down on fiddling while growing up. Then she shared a story about her two young boys.

Jill writes, “We laughed the other day when our boys had a little argument. They didn’t handle the situation well, so I got in and asked Israel what rule number one was and if he had used it. Sam told me before Israel could answer, “Talk sweet!”.

Although Jill Duggar only has two children, Israel, 5, and Samuel, she is no stranger to raising children. As one of the oldest children in the Duggar family, she has a lot of experience with children. She is one of Michelle and Jim Bob’s 19 children. So, she had plenty of opportunities to help with the younger children in the family.

Because of her experience, her social media supporters seem to rely on what she has to share. Plus, they appreciate her willingness to share. One fan even asked if the tattoo advice could be used for adults.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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