Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Cries Over Baby Evelyn Mae Forsyth’s Medical Problems

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Cries Over Baby Evelyn Mae Forsyth’s Medical Problems

Counting On’s Joy-Anna Duggar was recently in tears. Her newborn daughter had medical problems that kept her in the hospital after she was born.

Joy-Anna has had her share of pain in recent years. Counting on celebrity, Joy-Anna was expecting a little girl just over a year ago. But unfortunately, she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, went through a stillbirth with the baby.

Baby Annabell Elise Forsyth was only twenty weeks old when she died. And Counting On’s young parents went through grief. Shortly after, Joy-Anna Duggar became pregnant again and she was happy.

At first, Counting On celeb Joy-Anna Forsyth was concerned about the safety of her baby. But Joy-Anna paid close attention to the baby’s movements and was confident that everyone was doing well. Fortunately, her new baby, little Evelyn Mae Forsyth, was born safely in the hospital.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Cries Over Baby Evelyn Mae Forsyth’s Medical Problems

Joy-Anna from Counting On went through a difficult delivery. She got a lot of pain before she got an epidural and even after that she had some pain. Austin Forsyth was there with Joy-Anna through the whole process. And she had a good nurse who kept her busy throughout the process.

When “Evy Mae” was born, Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth thought they would be ready to come out of the hospital right away. But after a few tests, they found that the baby wasn’t ready to leave the hospital. Evy Mae tested positive for Coombs, which meant they had to stay in the hospital for blue-light therapy.

During the night, Joy-Anna from Counting On said the baby was upset. But she couldn’t get her out, and all she could do was keep the pacifier in her mouth and cry. Fortunately, all she had to do was spend the night and the nurse came back to check on the baby with good results.

Written by Lauren Rottman

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  1. Wow – to the comment – quit whining – have you lost a child – 30 minutes after delivery – really – why can’t women give other women a break.
    To her last name – blame the media they did the print – she is not forced to use her husband’s last name – 2020 –

  2. My reply is for “Norman” who posted earlier. Your words are heartless to say the least. You have no idea the trauma Joy has already been thru with her last pregnancy. Combs may not be deadly but a mother still worries, especially when her baby is only hours old. And she has no clue what results will be. I would love to tell you exactly what I think of you but I will take the high road here. Next time you feel like commenting, duct tape your brain. 🅿️🅾️🆚️ (disregard the V)

  3. Everything is scary when a baby is first born. Thankfully it wasn’t something terrible. Like your child turning blue and not getting enough oxygen.. like i went through when my son was born… and the fact he was also born with a clubfoot….but let’s make a huge deal over practically nothing.. because she is a Duggar. 🙄

  4. To the heartless person who said”quit your whining ” remember she recently barried a baby. Then she gave birth which causes hormonal changes. She is going to be overly cautious with this one. Unless you have gone through a death then a birth don’t think you should share your opinion. My daughter barried one and the pain is felt with following pregnancies. To the one who said it’s curable, well so is a bump on the knee, but if it’s on my new baby I’m going to worry. You do know if left untreated it causes serious damage.

  5. Norman do not be rude.

    It is ridiculous the negative posts. This is a sweet article about real life issues. As humans we all experience hardship and happiness. Being rude displays your personal issues but can hurt others in the process. Think about that.

  6. For the Mrs. not all women choose to change to husband’s last name, but if this woman did change hers then I agree her actual name should be used

  7. I am so very glad that baby Evelyn is ok, and that her Coombs wasn’t more serious. Coombs can cause anemia thus leading up to the baby the needing a blood transfusion.
    Congratulations, Austin and JoyAnna Forsythe!

  8. That is so normal in most babies. You would think these children and their families are frickn royalty. If they want freedom from the parents wcky ways…which proved nothing…they arent saints. Its Coombs…give them sunlight it will clear up!

  9. I just wanted to you I support you. Parents who have not been through what you and your husband have. I am an adopted daughter from birth , she has alot of health issues. We would have taken her if she was purple. She has cerebral palsy.By far her mental health has been the hardest. Her brain works just fine.

  10. I wish I could comment on every one of these negative comment however Norman a woman had a baby and its not perfectly healthy. Joy is a new young mother and shoes nor know what to expect so naturally she in emotional and scared. Go be a prick somewhere else.

  11. Counting On, boring and predictable. Either someone is pregnant, they just had a baby or they are courting to get married so they can make more babies. How do they support all of these kids when it doesn’t appear any of them actually have a job?

  12. Norman, perhaps you should find somewhere else to go to unload whatever negativity you have going on in your own life. You obviously have no clue what this girl has gone through. Wow!

  13. I don’t understand why everyone seems to want to critique and criticize everything the Duggar girls do. I don’t watch the show often but it seems they are all just trying to do right and figuring out how to find their own way. I wonder why people keep watching, if you don’t like them turn the channel or keep comments fair and not so judgemental. I think they are doing their best.
    Kindly Yours

  14. Babies can have so many issues this one is very common. My last was a premie and not only did she have to stay a week but when I brought her home the lights came with us. At 6 months she only weighed 7lbs. She had to stay in hospital for 1 month getting fed thru a tube that they placed u I her nose every night so she was fed slowly but continuesely over 10 hours. She was in a children’s hospital where 90% of children there had cancer and had little to no chance of survival. At that point I knew my daughter was not really sick sick. I never prayed so hard for these other families and precious babies. My point if you think your baby is sick please walk on a children’s cancer ward. Believe me it’s the saddest place in the world. I wish you all the best. I know you have faith so keep that faith. There’s always someone that has it 100 times worse.

  15. Why must you be discourteous. I wish and pray for all new parents and the health of their bundle of joy. If it’s minor or major health issues choose to be kind. It’s a shame that in today’s society there are so many ill-mannered fools. Thessalonians 5:18 “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Secondly, some women keep their last names, hyphenate the last name’s and of course some do take their husband’s last name. All of this is my opinion only. Judge free. A desire of genuine hope for our days on earth.

  16. I am happy for this young family, they are wonderful parents!
    I am also happy that Austin doesn’t have that hideous beard; he looked absolutely evil with it and he is too good looking to hide his face!

  17. To the woman who thinks all women are required to take their husbands last name upon marriage:

    While Joy Anna did (she didn’t have a choice), women are no longer required to lose their identity and take other husband’s last name. I certainly didn’t. While you may not have meant to include all women in your comment, you strongly intimated that. Unlike the Duggar daughters and other girls and women in the IBLP, women today are no longer required to obey first their father’s and then their husband’s every command. Unlike the Duggar daughters, we can leave home without a chaperone and even open a bank account in just our names. And anyone who thinks the Duggar girls are allowed to do these things should read up about Bill Gothard and the IBLP. Check out the Duggar’s friend Michael Pearl’s videos online about how to beat children as young as babies. Did you not hear Jim Bob Duggar say on TV that sexual abuse is common among families in his church? I grew up abused by these types of people, and now I speak out for abused children. Why don’t you?

  18. Jaundice. The baby had jaundice. All three of mine had it. Its fairly common in newborns. Count your blessings it wasnt something else like CHDs or an infection.

  19. @norman This is a short article that talks about their stillborn child and a child who was born unwell. It is human nature to carry grief from losing your child and to carry fear that another child could die, especially when the next child had some complications.

    I know someone who had her a micro preemie at 26 weeks and he nearly died. His parents didn’t know if he would live for months. They also didn’t know if he would have brain damage or other disabilities that he could develop, if he did live. At the same time, the dad came home sick from Afghanistan and needed surgery.

    When they had their second child, the trauma of the first child was still there. The mom had issues at about 26.weeks again, but the child went to full term. That child unknowningly came home with a staff infection and had to go back to the hospital for several days within hours.

    A normal, loving parent (and human being) carries that and worries when their pregnancy and child is typical, but when you have lost a child or nearly have, it stays with you longer. It is perfectly normal.

    It is sad that you do not have that empathetic understanding of basic human emotions.

  20. Ummmmm Nirman she is a young mom who’s baby had to stay at the hospital while she left. She is more than allowed to be scared or nervous. You’re very cold and callous

  21. BELIEVE IT or NOT??

  22. I’m not going to say anything about the Forsyth family. What I will question is why this reporter lead readers to think it’s a big deal. I will question also, why some commentors are picking on the parents. So, here’s a note…you were nosey enough to want to read why Joy-Anna was upset about the medical condition of her newborn baby. Then, when it wasn’t as devastating in your opinion you attacked the parents. Both the subject of this article is pathetic and many of the commentors. Shame on you!

  23. Not sure why the Duggar family has to continually be drug through the dirt by the media. Moms get upset when their baby is not perfectly healthy, it is part of being a Mom. Joy is a good Momma and she loves her baby, she just wanted to take her home and for her to be healthy.

  24. For Mrs. Susan Schmidt,
    First, your comment about JoyAnna’s last name isn’t relevant to the content of the article.
    Second, no, not every woman takes her husband’s last name.
    I kept my maiden name & my husband was fine with that. I was involved & known in my community for various things & my accomplishments are attached to my last name. I’m proud of who I am & the things I’m known for.
    By hitting marital status, it does not change who I am nor is it derogatory to keep my heritage name’s sake.

  25. How about not talking about it at all or the family.
    This is why the world is in the shape it is; all the nasty and rude and ignorant people can’t say anything NICE to ANYONE! No matter where you came from or what color your skin is , or what happened million of years ago, God loves us all. People need God in their lives. Oh and let me tell ya I’m no bible banger. I’m just s aim God fearing woman from Kentucky who believes in God, treating everyone the same , definitely believes in spanking our children. If children had good role models and discipline they won’t say stupid crap when a woman cries over her baby.

  26. Yes, quit whining about THIS baby’s MINOR medical issues. YES, I have lost two sets of twins, and my only surviving son has cerebral palsy. Count your blessings that is all that is wrong with Evelyn.

  27. First I want to say how sorry iam it may get A little easier but there will be many reminders my Casey was born at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando florida and the team’s they had for my daughter and I was exceptional she spent time in NICU and the dr and nurses really tried to save her but god wanted her more it’s been 27 years now and I still say good morning to her everyday but the most important things with losing A baby is your marriage stick together counseling is important high percentage marriages dont work after losing A child do what it takes dont give up on one another with bad days god bless you and she is watching you and knows you love her she’s an angel god needed her more with him always remember that all my blessings to you and your husband and family and look into support groups it can help as well

  28. I lost a baby and gave birth on my own. I knew I was loosing the baby and doctor said to come in for a d and c. I was getting ready and I felt the baby come out. I was almost 4 months. It was very sad. I don’t know if it was a boy or girl. I didn’t want to know. Seems weird to not to know but I can’t handle loosing either one so I just say a baby was lost. Its a horrible event. I lost 2 others before that one but was only 3 months and 2 months. Maybe that’s why I didst think of wanting to know if it was a boy or girl. I had 2 girls after the last baby I loss. I have 4 kids but unfortunately we have now lost are 25 year old son 4 years ago. Death has been horrible for me and loss is something I have had to deal with for many years now.

  29. The title of the snippet is misleading. Leading us to think major worries.
    It wasnt. I fell for it and read. Yes, shes buried one baby, but so have millions of others and they dont get money like Duggers do.
    Such needless drama.. wont fall for their junk again.

  30. Why does anybody feel that they have the right to say how somebody should or shouldn’t feel? You don’t. Everybody processes things differently. If she cried, she cried. Why do you care? And if you are tired of “Duggar drama”, don’t read the article. Problem solved. And just for the record, NO LIVES ARE WORTHLESS. She and her husband have made themselves a nice little income flipping houses, and taking care of their children. And even if she didn’t,
    her life still wouldn’t be worthless. Just like yours isn’t worthless. So, instead of being critical and hateful (there’s enough of that going around), let’s try to build each other up. Remember the old adage “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? Let’s do that.

  31. If you’re tired of the drama then stay off of here ain’t nobody making you get on here for your drama I don’t think there’s any drama my heart goes out to every one of them I love the duggars I love them all. Yes when they get married they take their husbands last name that’s why it’s supposed to be. And yes I agree that their dad is very very boss that means that he need to back off the girls once they do get married they’re not in his household so they can wear whatever they want to they can do or say anything they want to but for respect when they come to his house then they need to have on their dress but not unless they’re not at his house they do what they want to they grown they married they got kids of their own I’d love to meet every one of y’all y’all are so special and I live in Conway Arkansas so I don’t live too far from y’all let me know if I can come see you I sure will all my family lives up there love you guys

  32. I have a solution for the majority the Duggar women. Why not stop having babies? Do you not see the shape this world is in today? And selfishly you continue to bring these innocent babies into this world to deal with the lives and futures you are forcing them to go through. This world is getting more dangerous daily. Why would anyone want to continually be pregnant and allow their pregnacies to become their identities? Afterall, that is the only identity the majority of the Duggar women are known for popping out babies every nine months. Why in the world would anyone wish to be known for always being pregnant? Not only that but bringing 20 kids into a world they may not be able to protect them from eventually?? I’m not trying to be mean and disrespectful. Just being realistic!!!
    So many children are not a necessity to living a full life. Get deprogrammed from the brainwashing your Parents have instilled within you through your whole lives. Yes, babies are truly blessings. However, that certainly DOES NOT mean you need to continue to over populate the world having a child every year. Birth control IS NOT a bad thing, afterall. It is called “birth control” for a reason. Your Parents are more like cult leaders. When you become adults your lives are your lives. No longer should your Parents be controlling your thought process. You have your OWN brains, so use them!!!! Hopefully, this baby is continually on the path of healing.

  33. Her last name will always be Duggar, that is what is on her birth certificate. She took her husband’s lat name when she married. Don’t dismiss her being upset about her baby having Coombs. When you have a child and it has something wrong, wouldn’t you be upset. And to the lady who said something about Duggar drama, don’t read or follow if you feel that way. They will always have some kind of drama, as do most families.

  34. “Quir whining”??? Unlike the other comments on here, I will NOT take the high road (I am not A bitch,I am THE bitch, and that’s MISS bitch to you!)
    Yours was the most cold hearted, disgusting comment about ANY Duggar I’ve heard yet.. congratulations for the asshole of the month award! Show some human decency for God’s sake, this girl just lost and buried a child! And ANY mother would be terrified of anything happening to their newborn after what this young lady had just gone through.. you are heartless, cold and frankly speaking, an insincere bitch!

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