Counting On: Jessa Upset with Parenting

Counting On Jessa Upset with Parenting

Counting On’s Jessa Duggar has three young people. Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Seewald. And her youngest, Ivy, just had a big breakthrough that made Jessa very excited.

Counting On: Jessa Upset with Parenting

Recently, Jessa Duggar of Counting On shared that parenthood is disturbing. She went on to say that in front of the children, she could pick up and do whatever she wanted. But now she has to think about the other little people in her life.

Counting On Jessa is only twenty-seven years old, and her eldest child, TLC’s Spurgeon, is four. With three boys at home during a pandemic, it’s important that things go well. But Jessa said that is not always the case.

During the pandemic, Jessa is doing a good job with the children. But there are still a few times that Jessa says it is quite difficult. After all, they live in a tiny two-bedroom house that her father, Jim Bob Duggar, gave them.

Ivy Seewald is a year old now, and she can move around very well. Counting on celeb Jessa recently announced that there is a popular toy in the house. And Ivy took it from her big brother Spurgeon and went to hide.

Jessa thought this would be a good teaching experience. And she wanted to show off her parenting skills. She went to Ivy from Counting On and told her not to take the toy from Spurgeon.

Surprisingly, little Ivy Seewald from Counting On stood up and took the toys to her brother. And she wasn’t angry about it at all. When she shared with her brother, Jessa took her to the kitchen and gave her a cookie for her good behavior.

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  1. I think if the kids want to keep the farm turn it over to them. Also Amy and Matt need to draw up papers leave it to the kids & grand children. I think Matt Roloff is verbally abuse to Amy. If I were Caryn I would leave Matt asap.

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